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  1. lol...yeah..its the same thing...my bad.
  2. how old is this laptop...it could be that the cosmos battery is weak and needs replacing.
  3. There is a good chance there is nothing wrong with your computer...but that the Video is actually not available....maybe because of a copyright violation or submitter removed/deleted it...or someone else did (found it offensive)...that error is fairly common at youtube....have you seen if someone else can actually view it...? it would have helped if you posted a link to that video so others could try.
  4. unfortuately, there are some driver issues with SP1...even though 'device' manager shows no errors...I know it happens with some on-board audio drivers...and you'll have to install them again with your driver cd....audio issues needed to just visit windows update..but in your case you can't....try that option and see if all goes well.
  5. if I had to guess from looking at your Last Session.ini that you might need to first two..doubt System Restore is an issue. Windows Remote Management (WinRM) is a feature of Windows Vista that allows administrators to remotely run management scripts RemoteRegistry Enables remote users to modify registry settings on this computer. If this service is stopped, the registry can be modified only by users on this computer. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start. System Restore (unlikely)
  6. not sure i understand your beef...but Office 2007 SP1 didn't take any longer to install....and a DVD is 4.7g and Vista RTM is 2.54g so that leaves plenty of extra space on a DVD.... I got a Vista SP1 Slipstreamed DVD and its 2.87g and thats about 300mbs more than the 2.54g original RTM...so if its space that worries you..then SP1 won't be for you...I'm also beta tester and the SP1 RC1 Refresh that I grabbed from connect is also 2.87g....and both installed with the same amount of time as RTM also....so? if its available now..then a method will be too...maybe it will be new and times change but microsoft is showing they are in control.
  7. Not only that, but Office 2007 SP1 can't be slipstreamed.They're going backwards... or just dumb, one of those. your absolutely wrong about office 2007..its not the slipstream that were all once use to but its done with the SP1 converted into .msp files and put into the 'updates' folder that is listed with office cd...in fact I just installed Office Enterprise 2007 SP1 DVD after installing Vista....Vista DVD also has a 'update' folder and I wonder if something similar will be the future option to some.
  8. I'm only guessing here...but where is it trying to 'write' the object?....it could be tryin to write it back to the cd and it can't due to being 'read' only...or non-writeable....and the USB has read/write access.
  9. if you can boot from a CDROM...then this site has files to make a CDROM Boot..you will need to then burn or add the bio's file and utility. http://www.bootdisk.com/ look at the left hand side for: BOOTABLE CD CD To Read/Write/Copy/Delete/Edit Files On NTFS DRIVEs Need To Flash Your BIOS On A PC With No 1.44 Floppy
  10. I'm confused...you had reinstalled windows..and had sata drive and IDE?...was the SATA recongize then?..but your bio's doesn't recognize it now..but you got windows installed on it?.....have you check your Bio's to make sure the SATA drive is set as the Boot HD and not the IDE.
  11. its from MSI there still should be a 'advanced' setting....setting the boot order is basic...but most people have more than one drive...I have a ASUS M2N-E SLI...and I have 4 drives....3 SATA and 1 IDE ATA 133...but I have a advanced menu where I can arrange the hard drives...move one up or down the list:
  12. I'm not real sure....but maybe you can go into your bio's and make the SATA drive the first boot drive..if you have a floppy maybe set the boot like: 1. Floppy 2. CDROM 3. SATA 4. IDE Drive <--or set it to none and eliminate all together during install.
  13. you are pretty much out of luck, because you actually need the 'superfetch' running in order for windows to build/rebuild the prefetch folder. If you had superfetch then you could just open the run command and type: Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks its actually best not to remove alot of 'services'...because you have the option of 'disabling' or setting them to 'manual'...thus you never will have to worry about needing it later.
  14. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/935509 Update 935509 contains an update that you must have to correctly service Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption-capable computers. This update is applicable to only the following editions of Windows Vista that include Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption: • Windows Vista Enterprise • Windows Vista Ultimate so that is the reason you're having problems...is because you 'removed' bitlocker from your vlite installation. And there is no way that I know of to add it back,other than creating a new vlite install and not 'remove' bitlocker.
  15. indexing service will do that too...see if your have that in the services...usually it will continue until it done..sometimes it takes a while..then settles down once in makes a complete index...you can set it to 'disable' or 'manual' in the services
  16. So true..there is more to a Server than just clicking on 'full access'...its like a bank gives you full access to the lobby of the bank...but the vault is another 'security tab'....LOL
  17. also how old is that HDD....there might be a slim possiblity that a 'platter' is going bad...and making that noise while its spinning.
  18. its nice that you resolved your issue...but it would have also been nice if your 'provided' the information about how your resolved it....this might also help others when they view this 'topic' with a similar issue.
  19. you can always use the 'help' and search for 'auto correct'...but you should be able to find it. Word/Office Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Word Options. Click Proofing. Click AutoCorrect Options. is this what your wanting to know....not sure about your question 'delete spell'...there is a option to auto correct misspelled words or insert different words.
  20. also take in mind..that 'ram' can get overheated....alot of newer ram come with heat spreaders....and its odd that your laptop shuts down while memtest is running its test...so my guess is your have a some ram issues...and extensive ram use is causing over-heating.
  21. go to pricewatch.com and find 20gb hard drives and every other flavor. http://www.pricewatch.com/hard_drives/ultra_ata_20gb.htm Generic WL20ATA100-72 20GB EIDE Hard Dive Ultra ATA/100 7200rpm 2MB Cache 1 YEAR WARRANTY Dealer Part WL20ATA100-72 Manuf Part WL20ATA100-72 ($22.65)--includes shipping Maxtor 20GB 20GB EIDE Maxtor Hard Dive Ultra ATA/100 5400rpm ($23.00)---includes shipping Maxtor 20GB 7200 RPM 20GB EIDE Ultra Ata100 7200 RPM 2MB Buffer / Cache 8.9 ms. (1 Year Warranty). ($33.45)
  22. its seems to me that your not linking correctly to the drivers.....you sure you have them in a seperate folder..i think your d1= d2= is wrong...might read this theard about unattended driver install http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=13173 also if you use the setup manager...it will do it all for you http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_...nded-Setup.html here is some more good help http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=1703
  23. now would be a good time to educate yourself... participate and read the forums---read instructions...people don't mind helping...but sometimes you just have to pick yourself up once in a while.
  24. thats good that you accomplished installing Vista..but I'm sure you've striped it so bare that you will soon find some 'components' you wished you had....just because someone managed to squeeze a Porsche engine into the frame of a volkswagon..doesn't necessarily mean you've got a 'Porsche' now....lol

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