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  1. FPS: Rainbow 6 Vegas, Call Of Duty 1 + 2, Half Life 2 and from long time ago Doom. RTS: AOE II + III and the C&C series
  2. Hmm, just downloaded the program from the Vlite's homepage. What link is it that doesn't work?
  3. Looking in the ISO, I see these files and folders: Access.en-us Catalog Excel.en-us Office.en-us Office64.en-us Outlook.en-us PowerPoint.en-us Proofing.en-us Pror.WW Publisher.en-us Rosebud.en-us Updates Word.en-us autorun.inf readme.htm setup.exe
  4. I've installed Vista on my 64bit Intel PC and it works just fine, the RC2 candidate did not. But, yesterday, I got a strange problem. I was copying some files from my server to the PC and for some strange kind of reason my wireless network decided to stop working, restartet the router and it worked fine again. But Vista broke down totally, couldn't end the copying session, rdp connection to the server wouldn't work, and finally explorer died, got explorer startet again throug task manager, but when trying to reboot, it just hung in the logging off process. Only thing to do was hitting the power button. Just a little experiense from me.
  5. I'm using Office 2007 Professional. Found a thread in a forum last night, where an MS employee said that there should be an Admin folder when you extract the ISO, otherwise it wouldn't work. I get a setup error, with the following text when I run the setup /admin: Files necessary to run the Office Customization Tool were not found. Run Setup from the installation point of a qualifying product.
  6. Hmm, i can't get it to work. From what i can read, you have to have the Enterprise version of Office 2007 to get i working. Otherwise a great walkthrough of the customization process.
  7. Windows Media Player 11 works just well for me.
  8. I agree with Fernando 1 'nLite Vista' is a bit more catchy.
  9. Uh, can't wait to nLite Vista to pieces. Just hate when I don't have control of my OS.
  10. My opinion, place it, where you put the green dot. You will then get airflow on both the upper and lower side of the drive. Cooler drive, longer lifetime..........
  11. I use it for testing applications, Citrix, AD stuff, Nlite installations.
  12. Currently beta testing MBSA 2.
  13. Call Of Duty 2 Battlefield 2 FPS, thats my passion.
  14. Desktop: 75Gb + 75Gb + 120Gb + 120Gb Server: 80Gb Laptop: 60Gb USB HD 2.5": 60Gb + 60Gb USB HD 3.5": 120Gb USB Sticks: 512Mb + 512Mb 6 Compact Flash, SD Flash and XD Flash cards in different sizes. Sums up to a minimum of 771Gb
  15. You can use gpedit on the PC's. It will give you the same benefit as GPO's in a domain, but you have to apply it on all the PC's seperatly. Just click start, run, and type gpedit.msc Here you have all the functions to lock down the PC, but be careful not to shut yourself out of the system.
  16. Try adding the switch /3GB in your Boot.ini. See the example: multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect /3GB This should address the extra memory in your PC. Otherwise here is a link to Microsoft´s own explanation to the problem: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/system/platf...PAE/PAEmem.mspx
  17. I've just unpacked the entire Iso file with Winrar and there were no problems at all. Right clikked the Iso file and extracted it to a folder by the same name.
  18. Winrar can extract the Iso file. When using Nero, use the Burn Image function. Last but not least you can use Daemon Tools and mount the iso image.
  19. As CDC and slimzky suggested. A thinner taskbar like the one you get when choosing classic theme. Maybe new icons in Explorer, Local Disk, mapped network drives etc.
  20. Lucky me, my wife is just as addicted to computers as I am. She has her own computer and is into graphics, PSP and so on. Me, well pretty much everything else than graphics. Maybe my daughter should soon have here own to (she's only 2), but she loves to play with mom and dads keyboards and mouses, and sometimes the powerbutton So no problems spending time at the computer here, when the kid is asleep.
  21. Holy Cow. I thought that ver. 2.5 looked great, but ver. 3, ****. Hope that the release date isn't to far away. Keep up the good work XPero.
  22. I've sent bryanh a PM, just to hear what happend to the download link.
  23. When choosing my new DVD burner I read several tests and reviews on the internet. The burner that had the best reviews and had the best performance and features is the NEC 3500A. So I bought the NEC burner and it works great, no problems at all.

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