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  1. Looking into it further I found that the problem only shows when logging into a different user account than the MSI was installed in. The user account that the release is installed into directly doesn't have that problem. As in when joining the system to a domain and logging into the system as a domain user, double clicking a mp3 file won't open winamp. The problem isn't clear to me, I may have been wrong about the double \\, as that doesn't seem to be directly the issue. In any case removing the double \ does seem to fix it. I tried the new release on a clean system, didn't fix it. It's a small issue though, I may just try to get it to work w reg fixes like OrcoXP suggests. Any ideas?
  2. I'm sure by now you're getting tired of working in all the fixes, many thanks for your efforts w this release. One small problem I have is that I can't get it to register the mp3 filetype properly, as in when double clicking a mp3 file nothing happens, winamp doesn't open. The "open" command for the mp3 file type on install of the release registers this: C:\Program Files\Winamp\\Winamp.exe "%1" seems to me like the double \ is the problem, when I remove it, it works as expected. Wondering if you have any thoughts. Alanoll The install syntax I've been using: Winamp5092.msi Xaudio=1 XREGAUD=1 XREGPLS=1 XQuicklaunch=0 XStartmenu=0 Xregopt=1 /qn
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