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Anti virus software.


Hey everyone which one do u think is the best anti-virus?  

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  1. 1. Hey everyone which one do u think is the best anti-virus?

    • Norton
    • Mcafee
    • Panda
    • Antivir
    • Others plz mention below.

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NOD32, hands down.

If you haven't tried this AV, you need to immediately. Reviews don't lie, it destroys the competition. The only AV that can come close to it is SOPHOS, which is what I would rate as #2.

I have used EVERY AV out there and I can say NOD32 is the best.

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Nobody here uses AVG? It does an awesome job and it's free. :)

Just because I said kaspersky doesn't mean I use AVG. As far as 100% legal free virus scan goes, AVG is probally the best choice. I have never had any problems with it, and it keeps my system clean. When I usually get e-mails my service through yahoo usually removes virus's (they use norton) but sometimes a few slip through, and my AVG detects it then, and automatically cleans the e-mail. For e-mail protection AVG free is really great, and for everything else it does a great job, but if you have the money I would go with kaspersky, if you want something free go with AVG.

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It's funny to me that advanced users (the type found in this forum) mostly seem to hate Norton AV, yet it is so massively popular in general. So, I'm not sure exactly if Norton is really "good" or not. But I do know it apparently has one of the best marketing campaigns for anti-virus software and the fact that it is often bashed here and elsewhere only helps to advertise it, as ironic as that may seem.

5 years ago I was a novice at the PC. Norton and McAfee were the only AV programs I knew existed and this is true for a LOT of new users because their pc manufacturer included a version of one of the two with the system. I ended up using Norton, and it seems to have worked just fine since I've had no major anti-virus issues. Now I am a bit more advanced, however, and one item in particular comes to mind that I dislike about Norton: it consumes resources beyond what I am willing to tolerate, making the PC sluggish for many tasks as well as extending boot-up time.

Now I am trying Trend Micro's PC Cillen simply because it came with my Asus P4P800-E Deluxe motherboard and I must say I enjoy how lightweight it is compared to Norton's AV. My PC is simply faster with PC-Cillen installed.

Another difference: updates with PC Cillen are more frequent that Norton (almost daily in fact), and to my understanding, this is probably one of the most critical features one should assess when choosing anti-virus software. Isn't it true that most AV programs are adept at catching problems (virii) but some are much faster at updating the definitions than others? Correct me on that if I'm wrong.

That kind of leads right back to my original point for posting. What makes one AV program "better" than another? The average user doesn't really know what to look for in anti-virus software except for "user-friendliness". Unless a virus does slip by, shouldn't the AV software in question be assumed to be "good", be it Norton or MacAfee or whoever? Even now, after using Norton for several years, I'm not convinced it is any worse or better than PC-Cillen or the free AVG or any other anit-virus software. I just know it makes my PC slower. So I am always curious to see what people have to say when they have actually tried different programs long enough to make a fair comparison because I am still trying to figure out what makes one AV program better than another.

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I have not seen this post before however, I use Norton although it will detect a virus or a worm, it will not clean the trojan-uploader or trojan-h, so although I use to like Norton, the only program that will actually clean the virus or worm is Mcafee. I have not tried the other programs but if someone can suggest other antivirus program to actually clean them, I would be greatful. I also have not had a virus or worm on my computer but everyone and their brother does so that is why I have had to use it so often.

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I can't realy profess one AV over another, but I am definetly prejudiced against McCafee. My first McCafee product was some hideous program called "Guarddog" which gave me nothing but problems. Tech support takes you to China and/or India and the only thing they were interested was charging for Tech support, if you can understand what they say.

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Trend PC-Cillin Internet Security 2005.

I've tried just about every other on the market, and this is the one I keep coming back to. As has been stated before, it is 'lighter' than Norton/Symantec or similar, and has very frequent updates - sometimes several times a day infact. We use the corprate version at work (officescan / serverscan) and have never had anything slip through. The Internet Security version also includes firewall, anti-spam, mail (incl webmail) A/V integration, spyware scanning and vulnerability checking (tells you if you are missing critical windows updates, for those of us who dont use windows auto-update). There is also a wifi 'protection' util.

It was pretty easy to make a custom silent installer too, with every update included.

However, the bottom line is - use one you are comfortable with, and always practice sensible internet / mail security.

**** good piece of software ;)


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PPL ! The're Is No " The Best AV " ! Something What's Close 2 Beeing A Best AV Is Kaspersky (But "Eats" Up All The System Resources No Matter How Good U're System Is ) And The 2nd Would Be BitDefender ..Where Did I Came Up with This Ideea ? Well ..4 One Week I've Been "Testing" Online AV's , Approximately Tested 200 Viruses, Trojans and Backdoor ...The Most Recently Ones...And This Are The Stats : 1 Kaspersky 2 Bitdefender 3 TrendMicro 4 McAfee and the last Panda..(More Like A Bear Detector Then Virus Det. ) Want 2 Find Out If U're AV Is Really Good ..Test It My Way ...There Are A Lot Of Sites Where U Can Download a Virus, Trojan ..etc...Good Luck on 'Killing' Threats !

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