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  1. I have not seen this post before however, I use Norton although it will detect a virus or a worm, it will not clean the trojan-uploader or trojan-h, so although I use to like Norton, the only program that will actually clean the virus or worm is Mcafee. I have not tried the other programs but if someone can suggest other antivirus program to actually clean them, I would be greatful. I also have not had a virus or worm on my computer but everyone and their brother does so that is why I have had to use it so often.
  2. Could someone please help me with my Wireless Networking. Recently, I purchase a new computer with XP Home Edition, I am a long time 98se user. I am on a Cable connection, through a router, USR and I have installed the PC card 5416. I took this from my old computer where I did not have a problem with 98se. And this card is still sold on the market. This is my problem, I can not stay online because I keep getting an error that says my network card is not installed, this happens for approx 2 minutes and then the card will start working again. I contacted USR with regard to my problem and their tech wrote back that I would need to get an updated driver from the manufactor (idiots they r the manufactor). There second response was that I should contact the my computer manufactor to solve the problem, which refer me back to USR. I then contacted Microsoft to see if I was doing something wrong with the installation and sent them the info, they wrote back and told me to contact USR for tech support. As I am not familiar with XP, can someone please help me. PS. What is the Odyssey Network Services and the QoS Packet Scheduler because when I am online, (should be all the time), I seem to download about 10 mil every hour, could someone explain to me what keeps downloading. I have shut down all updates or ask before downloading. This makes me feel very unsafe. Thank you in advance for anyone's help. PS, the wireless card does pass the compatibility test.
  3. I have written a few threads on regards to 98se and XP, well guess what I went out and purchased a new computer and with it came XP Home Edition. Well now that I own it and have worked with it, I still dont like it. On my previous win98se I had a wireless network card, and have tried everything to keep me on line however I am not having much success. Now I have found myself in a circle. USR didnt responde for over a week, (told me to install per my instructions), if that failed then contact the manufactor, (idiots they were the manufactor), then response was to contact computer manufactor who referred me to manufactor of the card. I then contacted Microsoft to find out if I was doing something wrong, or special rules for installing this card, (which is still sold) and they wrote back and told me to get an updated driver from the manufactor. My problem is this: I installed my wireless netword pc card in my new machine and XP has a special section on wireless networks, took forever just to get the dial up adapter, now my when XP decides that it is going to do an update, it shuts down my network just for them, so I went in and shut down the auto updates after receiving Service Pack 2, and now the network just shuts down when ever it feels like it and it will tell me that the card is not installed. I sent the documentation to all companies involved and they told me that it was installed properly and that i will just have to put up with the quirk. I WANT MY NEW COMPUTER, AND I WANT THE STABILITY OF MY NETWORKING BACK THAT I HAD WITH 98SE. XP is not serving my purpose when i am surfing the net because it keeps shutting down and plus when I go into Outlook Express it tells me that my account (5 years old) is forbidden. I always have to reboot and everything will work for a while again. And when I am able to stay on line, could someone pls tell me what is downloading in the background all the time because I have turned off all updates, dont have a virus and no spyware, but it is always sending me about 10 mil of data per hour, what is this. (By the way I have the Windows Messenger disabled. How is this OS so stable, because I have alot of instability, and right now with tax season upon me, I am busier than ever and really dont have time for this. Can anyone help me with my network problem at the moment so that I can get over tax season because the professionals just dont have the answers and then after tax season I can deal with the rest. My vote is still for win98se. Thank you in advance
  4. I am certainly enjoying the new SP2 however I have one small problem that I need help to work around. After downloading and installing SP2, something funny is happening with my networking. I can be on the net for hours, my browser is Firefox. When I leave the computer, I am unable to get back on the net. I am unable to get back on the net until I reboot my computer and then everything is fine again, until unattended again. I run a wirless card, and have checked all startup programs and although nothing has changed, I unable to fix this little annoying problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Unforgiven1, I think you misunderstood me when I said that win98 seemed to boost the computer world, I dont think that at all. I really believe that the boom came when they developed high speed and cable servers that did that. When I first learned to use a computer, (it was for a Law Clerk) degree, I need to know how to use the computer due to bulk mailing that u need to do, my hobby became my computer on trying to get it to do more of the work for me. At that time, no one in the field had been interested in developing a program in order to take a legal brief to the courthouse that fit with the Legal Standards. Although this is not the case today, these programs are not developed until much after any OS comes out. To date, that programs still runs on most Win95 and Win98 machines. However there is not an update for the XP program. So again, it all depends on what u need out of a computer. When u choose to make that upgrade, will the software for your office cost you $8,000.00 or not be able at all. Many people take most of there interests in the field that they know, and what they need to do. But in all cases(with much exception to government), most companies will look at the gross profit on any tool. That is reality. A computer is a tool, which most people choose a certain field, u may be very good at your job and however u dont know how to put into the computer if you dont make the time. Most homes can not do with out a computer today, but the average child does know how to use a computer better than most adults, however when the computer crashes or get a viruses, it is like asking that child to go a clean their room., lol. That is not what we have a computer for.
  6. I run a wireless card through a router and recently downloaded Yahoo messenger to talk with a friend that doesnt like MSN, my biggest workaround with Outlook Express was that if I didnt run messenger in the background, I would get an error when I tried to open OE. Depending on your ISP, mine is Canada (Rogers/Yahoo Cable), if I want to run Yahoo, I have to let messenger start up but not sign in so that I can get my hotmail and my regular ISP, email. Although I run Firefox, I tried Thunderbird however I can not acdess my hotmail for this method, and after having this address for years, it seems a shame to let it go. Please go to MSCONFIG and check your start up programs if you still occur problems. Hope this helps.
  7. I have been watching this site for a couple of days now and would like to comment on the use of XP virus Win98se and what is used in the real world. 1. Although most pc come with the OS of XP, this is not realistic. Computers have advanced so much in the last 5 years, where a generation has been forced to use a computer. (I was lucky to learn on DOS 3.0). 2. One of the first things that I learned about computers was that if you put garbage in you get garbage out. As a layperson know what you want to use your computer for. 3. The magority of people that use a computer are office personnell, where training is on the job process. (ex On going to a local health faciility in my town, world renown) I had to explain to a staff member how to get the file back, on a brownout. 4. Long ago, I went back to school on how to use useful software, example: Wordperfect, Lotus, DBase IV. Although my skills are way out of date, I am able to work most programs with not too much difficulty, but could I go into an office now and do the same quickness and presentation presence as before, I dont think so because with each software that you have, you have to tweak. 5. The bottom line is for me, I use Windows 98se to suit my needs, I dont need the fastest, the bestest, the newest, and I do not want to test a product for a company that is not going to be useful, in my life. 6. Most of the comments have come from really intelligent people however there hobby or your career depends on the advancements that come with computers. 7. That is why I dont mind coming to this site, believe me I am not insulting anyone, afterall that is why I come to this site, to learn, however for every 1% of people that want to learn, there is 99% dont have the time, or the want to learn. 8. When I can no longer get the software to fit my needs, then I will be forced to upgrade the same way that I have done all along, however prior to putting in XP into a machine I am going to run, I will know all the pitfallls prior to installation but not until. 9. Most people that purchase a home PC, when you ask them what it was for, is either a fancy typewriter, and to surf the web, play games, this is the reality. 10. Now when I have a problem with my PC or someone else that just doesnt know how, my preference is win98se because lets face it, XP is a minimum of 80,0000 files and win98se is about 30,000. So when getting a virus, spyware downloader, which would I prefer, 80 or 30, u pick. And those are my thoughts on OS,
  8. Hi there again, lol. Now really feeling stupid. Thank you so much for the file however I still have error : An error occurred while Windows was working with the Control Panel file C:\windows\system\timedate.cpl.. After replacing the file in the system folder still have same error. Could someone help me and tell me what I did. Thank you in advance.
  9. I would like to ask for help in getting the hotfix for replace my TIMEDATE.CPL. While searching the web, I stumbled upon this site. I read the posts. I downloaded the service pack (thank you very much), however i am unable to locate the hotfix to replace this file and the only thing I can find on MS is reinstall windows. Yicks. Thank you in advance
  10. Well i stumbled onto this site because I have the same problem. I need the TIMEDATE.cpl. Although after reading all postings, and downloading the SP 1.6.2., )thank you very much, searching MS, I can not seem to stumble to the fix. OS 98se, error occurred while windows was working with the control panel Help would be appreciated. Thank you very much
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