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  1. I used EasyBoot (it is not free) and I menage to make booteble DVD with both Windows XP /SP2 and Knoppix 3.9 (because leatest version 4 is on DVD). Since I had too much space left I put some programs also. It was pretty big job but after couple weeeks i did it. Notice: 1. Virtual machines SHOWS the results (I used Microsoft VM) 2. You can not make DVD ove 4GB because installation of Win XP won't work. 3. You may have various problems with the menu picture but you have nice forum here: http://forum.ezbsystems.net/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=SF&f=1
  2. First you have to mount ISO image into a physical drive and then start Virtual PC. Then it works!
  3. It's not a problem with a media. When I tried with VirtualPC I've becomed the same problem as I burn DVD. With EasyBoot I've made Boot.iso and works perfect. Then I put folder Programs so it look like this C:\EasyBoot\disk1\boot \ezboot \KNOPPIX \wmce... and it works fine, \PROGRAMS (when I put this folder, I get this:)
  4. I have created with EasyBoot ISO file with Windows XP, Knoppix, Partition Magic 8 and it works. File is 1,20GB large so I put in EasyBoot\disk1\ folder named "Programs" and fill it with various programs so that I can get full DVD of >4GB. Make another ISO file 4,02GB large but Windows XP instalation won't work. Without "Programs" folder it works. Why it wont work with that folder and how to burn DVD with folder "Programs"?
  5. NOD32! Try it and you will see how fast is it!
  6. I need step-by-step guide for making boot DVD with Knoppix 3.8.1, Windows XP MCE 2005. I also want to put Windows XP Pro (I know how) but i can't combine it with MCE 2005. Thanks!!!
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