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  1. ramdisk xp

    Once again, the data rate does not mean jack. Take a look at the access times, thats what really matters.
  2. ramdisk xp

    The data rate does'nt mean jack diddly in this case. Take a look at the access speeds, and I/Ops.
  3. Taskbar modification

    If you find a theme/visual style which is like that or make your own, it is possible.
  4. ramdisk xp

    There are many such devices like the rocket drive which allow you to use normal SDRAM as a hard drive per say, but they are extremely expensive, and you better make sure as hell your power never fails or else you will loose all the data on the ramdisk device. If you have the money and an ABS though, then by all means go ahead. Don't install the OS or anything else on the ramdisk though, put the page file on the ramdisk. http://www.cenatek.com/product_rocketdrive.cfm ^^^ If you have the money, that is the best ramdisk device that you can buy. You can only have a max of 4GB of space, but thats more then enough for the page file, and possibly a slimmed down version of XP. Although like I said, I would not put the OS or anything else on it because of the data loss issue. Putting the page file on it would be the smartest choice. (and why would'nt you? Having a page file with that kind of access speed would be f***ing kick a**.)
  5. Flash movies

  6. Taskbar modification

    http://www.tgtsoft.com/ for styleXP. http://themexp.org/ for themes/visual styles/backgrounds/logons/boot screens/icons/cursors.
  7. Anti virus software.

    Just because I said kaspersky doesn't mean I use AVG. As far as 100% legal free virus scan goes, AVG is probally the best choice. I have never had any problems with it, and it keeps my system clean. When I usually get e-mails my service through yahoo usually removes virus's (they use norton) but sometimes a few slip through, and my AVG detects it then, and automatically cleans the e-mail. For e-mail protection AVG free is really great, and for everything else it does a great job, but if you have the money I would go with kaspersky, if you want something free go with AVG.
  8. All .ink and .exe files unable to open

    Have you tried simply running things through the command line? (if they are stupid kiddy script virus's you may be able to easily bypass them by using the command prompt) If not, then all I can suggest is re-install windows (its ALWAYS a good time to re-install windows!), and then immediatly get AVG free.
  9. Including updates in SP2.exe

    Yep, and its ALWAYS a good time to re-install windows.
  10. Including updates in SP2.exe

    Your answer may be here - http://unattended.msfn.org/beginner/hotfix/svcpack.htm. You could just modify the SP2 setup file to include selected hotfixes. Edit - http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...y/hfdeploy.mspx There you go.
  11. Including updates in SP2.exe

    I'm not really sure, I know for a fact there is a way though. Because if you can slipstream Windows with a service pack, and a bunch of other updates, then it must be possible to slipstream a service pack with some updates.
  12. Anti virus software.

    Kaspersky. No questions asked. It has been proven that it detects virus's better then any other virus scan out there. And if you choose Norton or Mcafee, well I laugh at you. Not only are they the same exact engine, but they just don't work good, and they are memory hogs.
  13. Including updates in SP2.exe

    You dont need to restart your machine after every update. Only updates listed on microsoft's site that specifically say that they MUST be the only updates installed you need to do that with. So that means you only need to restart after installing a service pack. Most other updates can be installed all on the same session. So basically what you just did was a more complicated way to solve your problem.
  14. computer browser BUG

    Well I think if he would have a pirated version of Windows it should be fairly simple to find the update he needs from a 3rd party site, would it not? (assuming he is'nt a lame-o person that just leeches.)
  15. All .ink and .exe files unable to open

    It's always time to re-install windows. Always. And next time I would suggest getting some form of basic virus protection, AVG Free is a good choice.