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Anti virus software.


Hey everyone which one do u think is the best anti-virus?  

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  1. 1. Hey everyone which one do u think is the best anti-virus?

    • Norton
    • Mcafee
    • Panda
    • Antivir
    • Others plz mention below.

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Kaspersky has the best detection routines and also it's the fastest AV: you can't ask for better.

However, if you want a freeware antivirus, you can try avast! home: it works way better than antivir or other freeware antiviruses and also it has a lot more protections and a better user interface. Try it and you'll see that i'm not wrong

Have fun disinfesting all those nasty virus from your pcs :P

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eTrust EZ Antivirus was decent until v7 came out. Suddenly out of nowhere I had issues with it. I screwed around way more than I should have trying to get it to stop being unstable. In the end I threw it away. It was a solid product til then. Somewhat often product updates but while they email you about definition updates they don't tell you when a new **** version is released. Duh.

Kaspersky used to be the best. Over the years they've competed more with the slick UI to gain ground on Norton and Mcafee. The result is a more bloated Kaspersky product that slows down a system unlike the past. Seems like ages between product updates these days.

AVG is a decent product but as a free AV it is only so good. It doesn't give the full features of the Pro version so I can't rank it on the same level as a shareware AV. Product updates as necessary and not spaced too far apart.

F-Prot for Windows is a nice light AV. Good on the resources and nice real-time scanning. Timely product updates to fix bugs.

NOD32 is simply the best I've found these days. It's light, it's fast, it's maturing and evolving, the definitions are updated frequently, and Eset releases product updates at a rather nice pace.

So the winner in my book? Eset NOD32.


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2BlueMe: Ad Kaspersky na computer resources - AFAIR heuristic is automatically turned on and that is the reason why it is so slow...

Even At 2800 + And 768 DDR ? Don't Think So ..And My Win Is Super Tweaked..:D Anyway I'll Try It Again And See The Results..Thanx For The Tip ! C`ya

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Symantec Anti Virus Corporate v9 has ZERO competition...!

(Never had any probs with LiveUpdate)

However - I DETEST Norton Internet Security with a vengeance - steer well clear! Once on always on (bit like AOL?!)

I DON'T AGREE .. Best All Around is Kaspersky :w00t: Best Defends and Norton has other good products but not Antivirus - Once you install you cann't uninstall properly .. Sloggy sytem performance.. I tell people if they have enemy then install NAV in their enemys PCS including Norton Internet Security.. Thats it their system will die wouln't take long time.. :yes:

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IMO Norton is one of the worst! Run it on an infected computer, will pick up a few, then run AVG Antivirus (free.grisoft.com) and it finds more that norton doesnt! In my past experience i have used norton, then I changed to AVG and Viruses decrease and system resources and speed increase. AVG Rules!

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