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Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

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Maximus Decim Native USB ver.3.3


*Native (without installation of additional drivers for each type) support USB flash drives, digital photo

and videocameras and other similar devices.

*Universal Stack USB 2.0 (without installation of additional drivers for each chipsets) with uninstall.

1.Remove ALL drivers USB flash drives.

2.Remove ALL drivers USB 2.0 controllers.

3.Remove ALL unknown devices.

4.Install NUSB 3.3 and reboot.

5.After detection new USB 2.0 controllers (if it will occur) too it is necessary to be reboot.

Remember! You install it at own risk!


English: http://rapidshare.com/files/70087438/nusb33e.exe.html

Russian: http://rapidshare.com/files/70087290/nusb33r.exe.html

What's new?

*Add CDVSD.VXD 4.90.3004

*USBSTOR.INF 1.08 - add EKE USB Floppy (VID_0424&PID_0FDC), add USBCompliance (for usbu2a.sys), small fix for USB FDD

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Hmm .....

I never upload to rapidshare ...

Please check which version of W98 you are using ...

Nusb32e W98SE is offered by Maximus Decim (and is available for download thru his preferred site) ...

Nusb32 W98FE went thru extra compatiblity and stability testing to help ensure its fitness for its purpose ... thus was only released a day or two ago ...

I believe it won't be long before both will be picked up by technical-assistance site ...


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Is it possible to remove a bad install of version 3.2 without having to reinstall Windows? I have a Compaq Presario 5610 with the Intel BX chipset and a 400Mhz Pentium II.

I installed 98SE, then Intel chipset drivers from 2001 (one of the last that will actually install drivers in 98SE!), followed by the drivers for audio, Adaptec 1394, DirectX 8.1 and the drivers for the Hercules Kyro AGP videocard.

Then NUSB 3.2 and *boom* it blows up. :(

After installing version 3.2, explorer.exe crashes during boot, even in safe mode.

EXPLORER caused an exception 6d007fH in module

EXPLORER.EXE at 017f:004093e8.

It's always so much *fun* when Explorer shoots itself.

This was the *second* go-round with this blowing up on this PC. The first time I installed NUSB immediately after Windows. I figured the reason it failed was because I hadn't installed the Intel chipset drivers first. This is the only PC I've ever had NUSB cause such trouble on.

I wonder if it's a conflict with the USB controller in the BX chipset, or could it be something with the Adaptec AIC-5800AP 1394 controller on the motherboard?

If you want to ask "Why did you install version 3.2?" it's because I hadn't checked the thread in a while and din't know version 3.3 was released.

P.S. I booted with a DOS floppy and checked explorer.exe and user.exe have both been replaced with the versions in NUSB.

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If you make an image of the system's partition before starting, you can always restore it afterwards, no matter how messed up the system gets. You can use symantec ghost one of its competitors to do so. Or make a full copy (clone copy) to another partition (preferably on a different hard disk) with the freeware XXCOPY. Both ways work well, but the image strategy is less prone to mistakes, and quicker. HTH

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Hmmm .....

NUSB won't work on win95c ... period ...

However, I was/am/will-be looking into the possibility of having broader usb support on win95c ... It's not going to be easy getting nusb 98 working on 95c as there's many dependencies missing (the critical ones are missing from the ntkern.vxd) ... chances for usb 2.0 on win95c looks bleak but never say never ! (M-D's NUSB is proof that it is possible for win98) ...

The major problem on win95c is working & compatible drivers ... It's possible to patch-in some things like eject-from-tray stuff but there's still a long way to go ... It's on my to-do list for the near future but no time frame has been set ...


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Does NTKERN.VXD from Win 98 FE load in Win 95C OSR2.5 and crash the system or does it refuse to load?

If the latter, maybe my downversion patching trick might work here too... I can do it for you, if you want me to, just upload both NTKERN.VXDs (the original from Win 95C OSR2.5 and the one from Win 98FE) to rapidshare or wherever you prefer and PM me the link. I cannot test the result, however, 'cause I don't have any Win 95 system, nor can set up one any time soon, though.

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Hmmm .....

The versioning trick does not work. It probably have some other dependencies elsewhere ... I did an experiment much much earlier by extracting all vmm32 and recombine it back with the patched ntkern and it goes 'huh?' on me ...

There's an exta 5 or 6 functions in ntkern win98 that is missing from win95. I haven't given it much thought yet on how to overcome this ... For now, I'm planning to find working generic drivers to support pendrives (done), usb fdd (done), usb hdd (not yet), usb CF/SD/MS (not yet) and usb cdrw (not yet).

I have already made an unofficial usb support update for win95 that combines usbsupp+usbupd2+usbqfe into one single package. Also included is generic drivers for usb pendrives and usb fdd. So, there's still a long way to go to complete this package.


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