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  1. There is a huge delay when I move my cursor in different points of the screen. Can you suggest me a way to know the exact cause of this HDD loading?
  2. My Vaio vpc-yb1s1e/s has a cursor lag issue, although I disabled unnecessary services and removed/reinstalled graphic drivers, You're really my last hope. Thank you.
  3. You need to update "StartIsBack+ release discussion thread" link here: http://www.startisback.com/#support-tab
  4. I'd like to have a new feature like the possibility to replace start screen with "All apps" page. Would be possible to implement it in the future?
  5. Very appreciated if you decide to create new orbs for Tihiy. Thanks a lot! By a Startisback user

  6. Seems that I didn't. Can I become a skin creator? I'm really interested.
  7. Hey Tihiy, did you receive my email I sent three days ago?
  8. Next version is under heavy development. Heavy Development? What have you in mind? Automatic Coffee dispenser? mmmh I think having a "Modern UI applications" folder in start menu would be great imho, for example like Start8.
  9. Just my idea, but I'd prefer the highlighting feature to be applied for the main folder only, and not for every single entry.
  10. Start Is Back broke the highlighting function when there is a new installed program. Can you fix this in a next release? I need it.
  11. Nevermind, probably I'll buy a regular license when it comes out.
  12. I'm disappointed about the lack of the email support. 4 days ago I wrote an email about my availability to translate it in italian + a feature request, but now it seems just too late.
  13. I suggest to provide Silverlight support for Kernelex. Unfortunately I have no chance to test it. It seems that many sites are providing support for this flash player alternative.
  14. What version of Virtual PC do you use? On what OS? Try with Virtualbox, reading all possible issues with windows 98 to the end of page: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/User_FAQ
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