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  1. Please, how run this utility (IPtest) with DISABLE connection? Register tips?
  2. I contacted Ricrdsson, whole project nSP 3.0 CS it's now guest on winpack.org.
  3. Slowly after download (99-100% download)? Try verify system with scandisk.
  4. Old version Alcohol 120% Retail running properly / win98 without KernelEx. (Shareware)
  5. Your version Teatimer? In my system downgrade only Teatimer 1.4, this old version 95% properly (any freeze problem). New Teatimer very bad - many resources...
  6. Spybot (last) work properly only without TeaTimer.
  7. total fun Nr. 98

  8. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows] "CSDVersion"=dword:00000200 ??? My reg file not this notes (...\Windows] ), manual add? P.S. - What's this a stupid? Thx help. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Current User] "Unknown"=""
  9. Without KernelEx or with? Version? - last? And compatibility as WinXP or win2000?
  10. My archive this CS (czech) version Firefox (BonEcho) czech version firefox- firefox-
  11. Hi, i download SpeeDefrag (www.vcsoftwares.com) - NOD32 alert adware virus....
  12. Here you have link to the localized versions for Windows/Linux/Mac: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/fir...ozilla1.8-l10n/ :realmad: why removed on ftp this version?
  13. Virus Signature Database updates will cease on February 1st 2012.
  14. Yes. Fax and picture viewer (winME) - SHIMGVW.DLL - how install (only this features) to win98?
  15. Install an Windows 98 / Czech language => not problem! last Flock OK. After install new KernelEx autodisable DMA (?) harddisk. With "old" Final2 Firefox 3 (3.5.5) run without Flash 10 OK, with flash any problem (unstable, crashing browser,...) With new KernelEx new problem - this features attack graphics card - black icon, problem with transparency (UberSkin). First run Firefox 3 very slow... (GF 5200 FX 128 MB with last "MSFN" driver)
  16. Using WinRAR I extracted all the files into c:\windows\system. Now I get these two errors: Error.bmp TotalCommander / CTRL+PageDown an file Vc_r_9x.exe = > Select all and copy any directory. Problem?
  17. DOCX open and covert to PDF (support too command line) with docx2rtf (freeware)
  18. I repeat removed all flash (without IE version (activeX) - here its version 9.0.28). Clear registry (Reekseker, Norton winDoctor, EasyCleaner, ... and manual). New install LAST Flash Player (FF, Opera) with KernelEx and with registry trick. I'm check system with winDoctor (Norton) => conflict on shared DLL - NPSWF32.dll, i repaired manual. First run swf files and i run about Flash (Adobe - manager flash and i disable all "plus" features) - and disable hardware acceleration (!). browsers and system better stability (run swf / FF, Opera, Namoroka, .. - without run IE /swf - I don't use this "browser"....).
  19. Hi Philco,have a look here: KernelEx App Compatibility Database at Post #100. I had such a problem when I went from version, to 'CPU usage stay close to 100%, making IE to crash.' Everything went back to normal when I'd downgraded. with old (9) version problem with imageshack.us and much next pages with flash (no full function Browse and next...) I not use IE. With run flash (swf) / version 10 system resources and free memory OK, 90% crash browser after (!) usage swf ( after several seconds until 5 - 10 minute....)
  20. Run FlashPlayer 10 (last and oldies 10) with KernelEx (last) - properly, but after sometime crash any browser (i try Firefox,, Firefox 3.5.5 (KernelEx mode), Firefox Namoroka (KernelEx mode), Opera 9, Opera 10...). On all browser disable all extensions, disable java. Javascript all restrict. Memory 768MB, videocard: nVidia FX 5200. Error: Msvcrt.dll or Msvcrt.dll / js3250.dll or js3250.dll Run page without swf (flash) - no problem. After run page with flash (youtube, idnes.cz and next...) / uncontrollable time pause (5s - several minute crash... only rarity without crash. Msvcrt.dll - 6.10.8924.0, testing 6.00.9782.0, 6.10.9848.0 - same problem. Help - I searching other or newer one this Msvcrt.dll / compatible win9x. (Sorry my stupid "english", thx)
  21. :thumbup I try Flock 2.0.3 with compatibility KernelEx / Windows 2003 (only unpack exe with TotalCommander without install. First run - crash. Freeze on dialog Check default browser... I edit manual prefs.js: user_pref("browser.shell.checkDefaultBrowser", false); user_pref("app.update.enabled", false); This post i writing with this version Flock (slovak) Thx Xeno!
  22. Result: Win98 SE with last KernelEx Run Firefox 3.5 - OK. Run Outlook Express - small error an transparent icons on program OE (black background). Run OE without FF 3 - properly, icons OK. Conflict layers? (nVidia GF 5200 / last unofficial drivers MSFN) - complet uninstall driver and new install. OK

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