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Silence of the foxes


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Glad to hear it, Lost Soul. Hope bonedaddy revisits this and gets it working as well. :)

Looks like my localstore.rdf does not contain any hardcoded paths, LaptoniC, so this should remain a versatile install package for me at least. Thanks again for identifying the troubleshooting procedure that found the fix I needed. :thumbup

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some doubts:

least profile.js file in ur projects profile direc(u mean in sof directory?)

and profile--extensions,themes

plugins--flash etc

search plugins--?


help pls


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sorry for such confused post.

let me clear

last step consist of some options.they r profile,plugins,search plugins,components.

what stuff will be integated in my setup if i select these.

all i want is only extensions and theme.what options i have to choose if i want only these 2


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Plugins=Plugins that you use flash,acrobat etc.

Search Plugins=Your search engines like google,yahoo,imdb whatever you have

Components=Some plugins have additional files on that directory.

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GREAT program ! :thumbup

But I have a question : when I choose a custom install directory (specified in Config.ini), and I run FirefoxSilent.exe, the installation is OK, but the extensions are NOT installed...

With the original directory in Config.ini, it works perfectly...

Modified install dir I used : [PROGRAMFILESDIR]\Mozilla\Firefox

Extensions I used: IE View 1.2.4, ReGet Plugin 1.0

Has somebody had the same problem ?

Edit: I've made several full clean install with a fresh Firefox package and I can say that when the install directory is not the default one, the extensions are NEVER installed by firefoxsilent.exe... If the directory is changed to the default one (in config.ini) and a repack is done, the installer works again correctly.

Perhaps a bug in SOF.exe or install.exe ?

Edited by Diabolo
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I have checked again with custom directory and it is working.Also the member who requested this feature said that it is working for him too.However some extensions are problematic and doesnt install with "-install-global-extension" commandline.I have tested on both Windows XP English pro and Windows XP Turkish Pro.That is all I can say about it.

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Thanks LaptoniC for the check.

It's quite strange, it doesn't work for me.

I'll test later with other extensions if I have time.

It works with the default install directory, so it is not a big problem.

Thanks again.

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in prefs.js can i delete:

user_pref("browser.download.dir", "C:\\Documents and Settings\\beppe\\Documenti");

user_pref("browser.download.lastDir", "C:\\Documents and Settings\\beppe\\Documenti\\Sof x silent firefox");


they are the only things i see they are personalized for my PC....

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