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  1. Hi Guys! Well, the problem is as the topic says. I can't start VMware because I get this popup everytime: What's the cause of it? Thanks in advance! I'm using the VMware provided by nuhi on the Add-ons section at www.nliteos.com. And yes, I've followed the instructions in the readme. Marthax
  2. I found that the fastest way atm is to simply use the dual view where I drag the thing I wanna watch on the TV over to the other screen. I've never said that you can't use it, but why the hell is Nvidia making things harder than they used to be? Everything was perfect with my 6600GT drivers, why mess things up?
  3. Yeah, I'm aware of that but I'd still prefer the "play on -> TV" option as it does everything automatically. Now, I have to start the movie and drag it over to the other screen. When I had the "play on -> TV" option it would do that automatically for me.
  4. Yeah, well the thing is that if I disable "extend my windows desktop onto this monitor" on my TV, I have no way to activate it when I want to watch a movie since the "Play On -> TV" is gone. I couldn't agree more, the .net interface sucks real hard. I'm gonna give it a go with omega. EDIT: They didn't help sh*t. The same problem still resides. I guess Omega did a better job with the ATI drivers. Anything else I can try?
  5. Yeah, I was afraid of that too. Oh well, I guess they'll fix it sooner or later right? I'll just have to bear with until then. Thx anyway!
  6. Hi everyone! I switched to a 8600GT about 2 months ago and everything has been great ever since except the fact that my old 6600GT was so much better at handling my TV. On my 6600GT, I could just choose "Play On -> TV" and the TV screen would automatically fill up while the primary screen could be used for other things. Really great! What I don't understand is why my 8600GT doesn't want to do this. If I choose "Play on -> TV", it doesn't respond and the only screen doing anything is my primary TFT. I have to use the "Clone" option in order to obtain a good picture on my TV, which sucks as I then have to lower my screen res (my TV cannot handle 1280x1024) and cannot do anything else on the other screen. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I've tried using "Dual View", but that only makes things worse as the picture on the TV gets scrollable. I've done the guide inside Nvidia Control Panel dozens of times, nothing. Thanks in advance! Marthax
  7. Hey Everybody! It's down to this little problem I have with my nlited WinXP installation. I get this popup the first time windows boots: What could it be? I've attached my Last Session.ini if it helps. Thanks in advance! Marthax LAST_SESSION.INI
  8. Hi Everyone! Vista's been around for a while now and when you tweak the crap out of it it's actually pretty good. These personal folders still bug me though. You can't delete any of them as they recreate themselves. If you try to hide them, it doesn't help a thing (i.e it says that they're hidden, but they aren't) so I don't know what to do. I've tried to create a "Contacts" folder myself inside my personal folder just to prevent vista from recreating them, but the folder gets that special "personal folder" look right away (greenish and with a special icon) and the results are the same. I'm out of ideas and I can't seem to find anything on google so I need your help guys. Thanks in advance! Marthax
  9. I was at my pals place again this weekend and I solved the **** thing. Problem is that I don't know how. I did bit of clicking here and there and all of a sudden it worked. All I know is that it was just after I re-enabled simple file sharing.
  10. Yeah, I closed it down since it didn't do any good but why should I close it ASAP? EDIT: Ok, we made all those changes and when the IP adress is used instead of the computer name, access can be attained, but only from one side that is from the desktop to the laptop. The laptop refuses o access the desktop. If the computer names are used, we're back to square one. Being forced to use ip adresses instead of names makes me think of DNS. Could it be that something is wrong with it? What was the command to check the computer's DNS list? And why isn't this sharing working both ways?
  11. Ok so here's the deal. My pal just bought a laptop and we set everything up (formatted Windows because who the hell like the crap they insert there anyway, installed the WLAN router and installed all drivers). Everything was doing fine and the last thing I remember was that we installed all the windows updates on that laptop. After that this laptop and my pals main desktop computer could not communicate with eachother. It all worked great before. They can ping and see eachother through the network, but you can't share anything. I've tried: Installed NETBIOS protocol (because for some reason this helped me when I had this problem with another network) Cleaning all the Winsocks Uninstalling and reinstalling all protocols incase some got corrupted Disabling Firewall service and Security Center (before I disabled them I turned everything off) Configuring the router to open on port 445 which MS claims to be used when transferring things through a LAN (which is weird because I've never done it on my computer and it works great anyway) Configuring the Windows Firewall to open on the same ports inorder to pass through sharing. AND NOTHING WORKS! What could windows update have possibly done that screwed this up so bad? The funny thing is that my pals secondary desktop computer is able to communicate with both the main desktop computer and the laptop without any problems whatsoever. I'm out of ideas guys and I need your help. What could be the cause? And please don't tell me to format because I'm aware of that option, but I'd like to know the cause of this freakin' problem. Thanks in advance! Marthax
  12. You are either not comparing the same stages or you have installed a couple of other programs besides Acronis True Image Workstation because your processes doesn't make any sense at all. Unless that backup suite contains Microsoft Windows Defender Antispyware, Avira Internet Security Suite, ZoneLabs Internet Security and a couple of other things you're not doing this right. You're supposed to do one thing at a time, otherwise you won't see the difference. Start fresh and only install your Acronis True Image Workstation and then see where you'll end up. BEFORE and AFTER what?
  13. Well, I finally solved the **** thing! For future reference, it turned out to be the TAPI Application Support. So if you want your webcam to work, make sure to leave this untouched.
  14. Image cloning is that the same image is displayed on both screens. I don't if ATI GPU's use that name too, but I know Nvidia cards do because I use it all the time.
  15. Sorry that I'm a bit off topic, but why do you use junctions points for this when registry tweaks can do it for you? It's much easier and you really get rid of the folders what've been annoying you.
  16. If I understand your question correctly, what you want is not to remove the recent programs list, but the most frequent used programs list. I know because I use it too. The way to solve it is by either using the method BLeU described (aka the automatic way) or by going to "Right-click on taskbar ---> properties ---> start menu ---> customize ---> general -> press "clear list" and shrink down the "number of programs on start menu" to zero. That should take care of it. As far as your topic goes, it's easy to get confused because you use the wrong terms. "Recent Programs" is not what you want to remove. In fact, there isn't anything called "recent programs", but there is something called "Recent Docs" which is and I assume that's not what you're talking about. It's called MFU (or Most Frequent Used) programs. Cheers, Marthax
  17. Eh, yes it can. What WMP are you using?
  18. Are you sure that you have the correct drivers installed? I assume that by saying "on it's own" you mean turning off the laptop screen and letting the external monitor do the work. Have you tried cloning the image? What happends then? Oh, and what GPU does your computer have?
  19. Hm..what comes a cross my mind when reading your question is WMP. Create a playlist and shuffle it and then burn. Simple enough and it does achieve what you want, a randomized CD.
  20. Add? I'm trying to remove as much as I can, but that's just me.
  21. You can set it using nLite two, but you can't choose a custom website. Choose Tweaks -> Internet Explorer -> Set Homepage
  22. If you're still having the problem, try skipping the variables and using double \\ instead of \ ones because from what I've been told, they have to be double to work. ;Change location of my documents [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders] "Personal" ="C:\\My Data" "My Video" ="C:\\My Data\\My Video" "My Music" ="C:\\My Data\\My Music" "My Pictures"="C:\\My Data\\My Pictures" "Favourites" ="C:\\My Data\\Favourites" Taken directly from the regtweak file from MSFN.
  23. @OzOne: Have you tried rebuilding your UACD? Not only the winnt.sif, but your whole CD? Rebuild using nLite or whatever method you use and then build the ISO and try it out.

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