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Which browser do you use?


Which browser do you use?  

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  1. 1. Which browser do you use?

    • Internet Explorer
    • Opera
    • Avant Browser
    • Netscape
    • Firefox
    • Mozilla

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I don't know about firefox features but opera have mouse gestures, download manager (restart downloads, pause, continue), mail, chat. Also java support. Shortly said, almost everything. Also the price for removing the banners is around 50 us dollars...........

Best Regards


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Hey there,

Maxthon is a good browser as well. I'd defiately give it a shot to try it out.

I must say that I find Opera much much better though. The only annoyance that I've found with it is that files that I want to "open" still get saved to my hard drive permanently (not in a temporary directory).

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I like FireFox as my Primary Browser. I also started using "NoTrax". Was posted by someone else at msfn, can't remember now. Anyway NoTrax has a 10 day trial to try, and $24.95 to keep. :angry: But worth the money*.

~~~SkiP NexT_ ~lInE'^^^%$++#

!!@@__~~~^^&Cough,*eMule*_``~~~Cough clears throat. :unsure:

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i Just love opera.:blushing:

Except for the "not being free" it is the most wonderful browser i've ever used.

u might say that it is bulkier than firefox,etc...

but in firefox for each app to run u need a seperate plugin :o which when put together becomes bulkier than the opera full install.rofl.

so i just love the "world's fastest browser" as they say it to be.:blushing:

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