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GTA2 For Free Download


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I to have finally made it past the submit button:

Thank you Rodney, for your interest in the Rockstar Classics Free Download Series. 

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a high volume of downloads now and your information has not be collected.

Please try back another time.

I think I might just go with the torrent from that speedyb site above.

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It looks ok!






This version of GTA2 is modified from its original version to enable support for modern PC's

and current Microsoft Windows® platforms. However, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that

GTA2 will work correctly on your PC. Installation and execution of this software is entirely

at your own risk.



- After downloading GTA2, unzip the file and double-click on the installer (GTA2.exe).

- The Install program will start; follow the on-screen install instructions and choose where you would like to install GTA2.

- GTA2 will then be installed and a program group created for you in "START > PROGRAMS > Rockstar Games > GTA2".

- You will NEED to run "AutoDetect" from the Program Menu BEFORE running the game for the first time.

- In AutoDetect you can choose your Rendering Engine (Method of Graphics Display). If your Graphics card supports 3D acceleration then please choose "Direct3D"; otherwise please choose "DirectDraw" or whatever other option appears in the drop-down menu. If you are unsure please choose "Direct3D" (you can always change it back later).

- Once you are done with the AutoDetect, choose "Save" to save your settings. You can now run GTA2!

- Just click on "START > PROGRAMS > Rockstar Games > GTA2 > GTA2" to start.

- Have Fun!

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