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Wow, so many choices, let's see if I can keep up....

  • Star Wars over Star Trek
  • Predator over Alien
  • Boxers over Briefs
  • AMD over Intel
  • Yahoo! over Google (Bet this one makes me an oddball)
  • MSN Messenger over AIM
  • ATI over nVidia
  • Both Windows and Linux
  • Linksys over SMC
  • Both PS2 and XBox
  • Rock over Classical
  • Mario over Sonic
  • Bugs over Mickey
  • Coke over Pepsi
  • Firebird (I assume this refers to Firefox's old name) over IE
  • X-Men over Spidey
  • Cat over Dog
  • Neither Cricket nor Football
  • Both Vanilla and Chocolate
  • Neither Futurama nor The Simpsons
  • Virtual PC over VMWare
  • Sleep in over Wake up
  • Christmas over Something else (I assume this refers to holiday celebrated this season)
  • Neither Top Spin nor NCAA Football
  • NES over Sega Genesis
  • Neither Ford nor Chevy
  • Romeo and Juliet over Hamlet
  • Both Maxtor and Western Digital
  • "Peripheral Nervous System or Central Nervous System?" Umm...I'm just nervous?
  • Alienware over Voodoo
  • Computer over Mobile
  • Both DVD+ and DVD-
  • Tastes great over Less filling
  • Neither Sadam nor Osama
  • PC over Mac
  • Carrots over Sprouts
  • Neither Bush nor Kerry
  • Neither Chritina nor Brittney
  • Coke over Pepsi (Still)
  • Friends over Joey
  • Avril Lavigne over (wtf is) Joss Stone
  • Neither Half-Life nor Doom
  • Neither BSB nor NSync (You could tell them apart?!?)
  • Micheal Jordon over Magic Johnson
  • Clean & sophisticated over Big & bloated
  • Bill Gates over Steve Jobs
  • Chocolate over Flowers
  • Tops over Pants
  • :D over :)
  • Kmart over Walmart
  • Neither Toyota nor Honda
  • Flamers over spammers
  • Luv over War
  • Both Greece and Egypt
  • Stargate over Star Trek
  • Neither Summer nor Winter (Spring)
  • Both Fire and Ice
  • Winamp over Foobar
  • Fan cooling over Water cooling
  • Blonde over Brunette
  • Unattended over Manual (How do you think I wound up here in the first place? lol)
  • Less than 3 case fans
  • Neither Water nor Beer (Water's too thin and beer makes you thirsty)
  • Fruit cake over Gingerbread
  • Handstand over Headstand
  • The Incredibles over National Treasure (haven't seen either, but, hey, they don't call me Cartoonite for nothing :P)
  • Bittorrent over Gnutella
  • Maths over English
  • You over Me (bet this is another one that makes me an oddball)
  • Not over Close this
  • Both Flash memory and Harddisks
  • None of the cameras (photogenic I am not)
  • America over Europe
  • Applie pie over Cherry
  • LotR over Matrix
  • Chocolate milk over Hot chocolate
  • Neither Chocolate truffle nor Black forest
  • Neither Flashget nor DAP
  • Messenger over ICQ
  • Neither Tea nor Coffee (100% Coke)
  • Both Seduce and Be seduced (I want it all! lol)

Whew. *Pant, gasp, wheeze* There, finished. Now to add my own, if I hadn't forgotten it twenty minutes ago...

Ah yes, can't believe no one's asked this one yet...

Cable or DSL?

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