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MSFN Logo Design (unofficial)


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http://www.raglanarea.school.nz/academy/pr...s/logos/dvs.gif - Logo for DVS Shoes

everyone load the image in mspaint. flip vertical, then flip horizontal - rotated a bit, there's lezend's msfn logo.

methinks that logo is owned by the (respected) DVS Skate shoe company.

http://www.dvsshoes.com - check here if you wish

busted buddy :)

*edit* another logo: http://www.good-sports.co.nz/images/DVS_Logo.gif

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Man thats look so like my logo. Thank you for pointing that out to me. I didn't copy from DVS. Here is my Vecter AI of the logo for MSFN. I am very high with copyrights material because I am currently with Paragon Promotion (the 6th largest sell and advertise distributors in Western US).

I sent a letter to DVS regarding the resemblance of the logo. Rest asure, if they have nothing against it I will keep the current design. If even they think it is a copy of their inspiration design, I will gladly change and more then happy to invent new one.

logo ai


"Do not quickly jumped to flame me, this is purely coincidental. I gain nothing from this no money no fame not a pad in the back. I did it because I like MSFN."

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if you look at it when flipped that way up, they arent exactly the same, the angles are different.

very similar tho nobody can deny that!

see what they say then lezend, theres always the capsules they might look cool instead of that shape, just do them in white in the disc instead of the current shape... see what DVS think tho :)

oh.. and the new wallpaper... thats **** cool!!!

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No harm no foul Lezend..im just glad that someone caught that...could of got ugly if Dvs got word and was p***ed...

Noone here at msfn doubts your skill and has no fear that you can make an different logo that would equally r0x0r or s0x0z 0ff!


Goodwork nonetheless


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Beautifull wallpaper. I am using it.

Could the design be on the right-hand side instead of the left-hand side? The desktop shortcut icons are placed on the left-hand side by default and hide the design or at least makes it difficult to see.

What is the "S" or is it a "S"?

Love it. :)

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