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  1. I was looking at spending out for a new Graphics Card but was undecided on which route to take, for as long as I can remember I have always gone with Nvidia cards but was looking seriously at getting ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, but with what Elite has just said I am holding out until Nvidia and ATI release there next cards. Thanks, HM
  2. Quality, I now have that as my desktop wallpaper.
  3. I ordered the Dell Inspiron 8200 with the ATi Radeon Mobility 9000. I should have it the end of next week
  4. Geforce, very nice lady you got there!!
  5. Try here Lord of the Rings - Two Towers This is the only trailer I know of. Thanks, HM
  6. The Dell I was looking at has the option of the new ATI Radeon Mobility 9000, looks pretty good. Thanks for you feedback, is always nice to know what other people think. Thanks, HM
  7. I would like to use it for the following; Administering our Servers remotely via VPN Playing Games Using Office XP Pretty much it has to be able to do what my desktop does. I was looking at this Dell Inspiron 8200 Thanks HM
  8. I am in the fortunate position of being able to purchase a new laptop through the company I work for, they have given me a budget of £1700 before taxes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, HM
  9. Thanks for the tips guys, our company had looked at one of these search engine positioning companies, but they cost a lot hence me having to do it. Thanks, HM
  10. Hey srg311, glad you enjoy the news coverage!! Thanks HM
  11. Home is Cable 1024 down, 256 up Work is E-1 Leased Line 2Mbps down and up
  12. Hi there, The best ADSL modem router I have found is the Netgear DG814, Click here for Product info I have used this ADSL modem router for several home network installations and it is easy to configure literally it is just plug and go. Costs about £109 including VAT which is good for a device that includes ADSL modem, Router and 4 port 10/100Mbps switch. Thanks HM
  13. I went to the growing business awards last December, Gates was there giving a speech, he didnt chat to anyone as he was kept out of the way. But if I would talk to Microsoft, I would love to speak with them about there licensing policies as I totally disagree with the way it is. It would be nice for them to sit on our side of the fence. I am an IT Manager and the licensing they currently provide through OLP is not set out clear its difficult to understand and since after 31st July the prices are rediculous. Thx HM
  14. I think there is a limit on drive size for FAT32, I think it a drive is too big you have to go with NTFS because its the only option, the workaround is to partition your drive with a smaller partition for the OS and the rest can be assigned to whatever you want to install on it. Hope this helps, I will look up the limits and post them later. Thanks HM
  15. I have a iiyama 17" TFT colour LCD model no. 4332D/BK best thing I ever purchased. In XP with clear type switched on its great. And Games are even better, when I get my new graphics card I might consider buying another one. Thanks, HM
  16. Just got this from Google, so my problem is explained! ======================================= Thanks for your email about the flag appearing on our home page. We have investigated your report and believe the problem lies with a corrupted version of the google.co.uk homepage being served by your internet service provider NTL. ISPs often store (cache) versions of popular websites that their users frequently visit. They serve this locally stored copy of the page to save time for users. We are working with NTL to solve this problem. In the meantime, the appearance of the home page should not interfere with your ability to search on Google. Please do let us know if your Internet Service Provider is not NTL. Regards, The Google Team
  17. This gets even more interesting, if I goto Google using the ip address the page displays perfectly without any problems. But if I goto the site using www.google.com or co.uk I get the wierd graphics. This is what google.com looks like this morning for me. I will let you know what Google say when they get back to me. Thanks, HM
  18. I still agree with FthrJACK, the UK doesnt have a fight with Sadaam or IRAQ, the first war was about IRAQ taking over KUWAIT back then we got involved to help out the KUWAITI people. But this time there is no situation, so why should we head into a full scale war which could have serious consiquences. I know the USA want to rid the world of terror but IRAQ havent attacked the USA or the UK. Even this dossier that the USA and the UK have, how do you know that whats in the dossier is true, if Sadaam has got chemical weapons or as Blair would say Weapons of mass destruction Sadaam has got them well hidden possible they may even be in another country. Going to war is a waste of time, even with all the technology we have we still wont get him, take Bin Laden they were going to take him out, but he is still at large. The USA and UK have attacked IRAQ twice and never even got a sniff at taking out Sadaam so what makes it different this time. War is not the answer!!!
  19. It's not just me, check this; Google User forums Found this over at the user forums, I have scanned my computer for viruses and i have no infected items. I have now e-mailed Google for assistance on this, I will let you know the results. Thanks, HM

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