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  1. ninjasite is about the most funny thing i read this morning, except for ft and of course that half hour spent on bbc
  2. Eminem is da bomb better if he was near when one exploded
  3. can they please shave their arms, backs, legs etc... to that and i might consider buying myself one for an ease up on my loneliness over the easter holidays...
  4. **** girl, you are right on the money, on all of these points except for the white rapper...
  5. ninjan

    No Comment

    Swedish girls are the best... that was so funny, these whole office think i am insane since i fell of the f*ck*ng chair
  6. At least somebody uses simultaneous senses
  7. She probably hates evertything about me. I hate when she is not around me. I dont even know her name...
  8. Now i know why some people in some countries look like s***... (pardon my french)......
  9. flash is a software for creation of vectorial animation and more...
  10. ninjan

    Fifa 2003

    Its strange these days how easily amused some people are...................................!
  11. If I would have been studying instead of thinking of women all the time I would have been a genius by now, but if I would have tried to understand women, I would be insane by now...
  12. Your 500megs harddrive etc, would probably be worth a little less than the buyer would spend on gas money..... unless of course he is your brother and lives in the room next to yours ninjan
  13. For me whatever bulls*** i say work, but ill-fated enough only on hideous girls...
  14. Can I have a picture? I want Santa Claus to know exactly what to get me for Christmas.
  15. Perhaps we should learn the difference between hacker and cracker??? ninjan

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