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MSFN Logo Design (unofficial)


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Hummm i like the logo..but this post gives me an idea...

We can have a contest, people can submit the logos if we get alot, the admins and mods can pick from the bunch like 3 or 5 then the whole group can pick on the final one....what do you guys think?


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ok lezend wins lol

i like it, looks sweet, maybe the top bit all in the same font as the SF bit, is it Arial Black? thats the font ms use, the rest looks spot on im impressed :D

try hit the orb bit with a glass effect or something... see how that looks, just an idea.

we need to sort out our plans, which i wont go into here. but those of you who know.. know :rolleyes:

rather not go into it.. incase it doesent all happen.

but that logo would look impressive up there on the top of the page thats for sure!

not sure when it will either as i gave up my job last week :)

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lol my effort sux!

that was ages ago. the logo will need to be portrait for the new site, like lezend has done here, not landscape like the current one, so that jigsaw one wont work anyway :)

hmm animation wouldnt be a bad idea... eg the butterfly in my avatar if that was sat on the org flapping away that would look cool, as if it had landed there. be awkward to do tho.

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It would be nice if we would change the logo like each two months, it makes it look like the site gets maintained allot. Or use a script so it randomly picks one each time you visit. And for Lezend, I really like your 1st logo bud your doin a great job.

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/me falls flat over.

that last logo is amazing! :)

hmm...maybe importing it into flash would get the size down? its too **** good to not use, maybe we should make all the 56k users get cable and stop messing around lol

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