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HOTFIXES: Windows XP SP2 & Windows 2000 SP4

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i have winxp pro SP2 INSTALLED in my computer. Does anybody here have any hotfix (criticial and non-crticial) downloaded OFFLINE and save in 1 big file so that other can download and install at 1 time.???

if so, please post it here. Save a lot of time.

thank you

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I have 1 question for this full package updates.

I want to apply this update DIRECTLY to my winXP SP2 computer ( i'll do the same to my WINXP SP2 CD later). How can I do that.???

i basically look for a tool to help me accomplish what i want to do in an easy way if there is.

thank you.

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While I'm being a grumpy guy today, I'll ask again, why are we suggesting both /passive and /quiet on the command-line for the new "we got bored and changed the command-line again" patches.

/passive doesn't WANT /quiet to be non-interactive.

/quiet doesn't NEED /passive to be silent.

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thx very much for opening & workin' on this great thread, i appreciate your uptodate list very much !!!

preparing my last w2k (sp4) unattended install-cd I could get rid of some hotfixes, i didn't knew that they aren't necessary anymore.... (like the blaster hotfix for example)

today i installed my system fresh & new with all your listed hotfixes, but windows update still offered one critical update for installation: KB867801

Download Link for W2K (English)

it's a ie6 service pack update....

as i don't think that u "missed" that one, or nobody else figured this out - maybe it's my configuration anyway ???

my cd installs:

W2K (SP4 integrated), IE6, DirectxC, WMP9, MS Journal Viewer (incl. Patch JV886179), NET Framework (incl Patch FR867460)


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