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Do you guys think he ever stopped by this web site ?

Not a chance, he wont even know ar care that these forums exists.

I know a place where where not only the CEO but also the President of the company and the chief tech people not only stop by, but post and respond and 'Live online chat' to the forum users!! - :P

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Whats done is done people. Bill won't make us rich and no ones going to take his money away from him. He is the richest man in the world and he deserves it. If I came up with a product that hit the world but storm, I do all in my power to promote and keep the profits rolling and I'm sure we all would.

Microsoft won't live forever. By 2010 microsoft will not be the most popular operating system. Novell has just bought Suse and there are big ideas down that pipeline...

As for linux. The company just needs to find a way to make there OS's more simple to manage and "user friendly" as they say.

I hope Bill enjoyed his B-Day, his also human just like you and me.........

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A perfectly coded version of windows, hey, isnt that called LINUX


anyone who holds billy on a pedestal for anything other than being a very successful business man (notice "honest" is NOT included) has their head buried so far in the sand its sick. MS OS's are a joke.

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