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    A perfectly coded version of windows, hey, isnt that called LINUX
  2. New Year resolutions

    My resolution is simple i will actually walk to the shop for my fags instead of driving 50 yards. well i will actually go shopping once in a while, for the last 4 months ive seen my house my car and my office same order same way everyday and shop online. therefore another resolution might be to take an adventure to the town centre where i havent been for over 2 years scary. I REALLY NEED A LIFE, has anyone got one spare??
  3. Effects on long hours infront monitor

    Well I'm a network admin and work about 8 hours each day solidly in front of a computer and then come home and spend another 6 hours in front of another computer. I'm perfectly ok. its better with a big TFT, i use a 23inch Widescreen TFT the proffessional image editing stuff. its a lot better on the eyes. but i must admit these problems -addictiveness to porn -addictiveness to online games -excessive sugar intake -excessive caffine intake -excessive nicotine intake -excessive alchohol intake -excessive masterbation -violence (die b*****d die) See i'm perfectly fine
  4. explorer.exe problem in SP2

    I had the same problem opening DIVX and XVID, some muppets on other forums are running mem test. A quick work around that works for me is to cut the containing folder and paste it somewhere else. then open up you DIVX file and it shouldn't crash explorer. don't ask me why it just works for my machine.