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  1. www.linspire.com www.xandros.com One click install of software, with all dependancies checked! And dont DARE say but its not FREE! Actually youll find that Linspire is the only OS apart from Windows that will play Windows Media! -- clever huh? Im posting this from a Linspire machine right now - using IE6 - LOL! Im actually coming back to Windows after helping develop Linspire 5. Ive been on a bit of a *nix Odyssey, Ive used Linspire, Suse, Mepis, Kanotix, Kubuntu, DSL, Debian Sarge, Fedora Core 2 & 3, Madriva an da few others, also unix - FreeBSD, Open BSD. They are different thats all, as someone else mentioned earlier Windows is only easy because your familiar with it. Im not saying that Linux is as easy as Windows as its not (apart from Linspire and Xandros) but it does get easier with use, and with Linspire theres not need to go near the Konsole (cli) 99.99999% of the time! So why am I moving back to Windows? Because Im bored with Linux, I miss the challenge of a good virus and I need to pay my dues to Microsoft! So when my new XP laptop bombs out on me I hope you guys will help me - lol!
  2. No it is theft regardless of whether you copied it on to anyone else, sold it or hacked it yourself, it is theft! These companies, sometimes very small and with limited resources have staff to pay etc and your helping to put them out of business - plain and simple. However I think that if your even asking this question you already know that its wrong! But thats not to say the Copyright Police will soon be breaking down your door either - thats highly unlikely, youve a far greater chance of winning the lottery - its more a moral dilema! As for p2p technology, theres nothing wrong with it. You wouldnt blame Smith & Wesson because their guns are used to kill people would you? As someone else has pointed out BitTorrent is used by companies, many Open Source projects etc, to help with the cost of their bandwidth. I have helped seed many files legitimately to help out open Source projects, - dont blame the tools, blame the tradesman!
  3. prathapml - thank God someone understands Open Souce and the GPL. Can I just add, regarding the person who thinks that there should be one Linux, you miss the point completely! Linux is about choice, youll neverfind such choice and diversity with M$. Each and every linux Distro is in some way unique and a creation of its owner, they are not some locked down, mass produced pile of sh#t like XP!!! PS - this is the last post Ill make in an M$ forum, Im off to do some real computing now - using Linux!!!!
  4. Not a chance, he wont even know ar care that these forums exists. I know a place where where not only the CEO but also the President of the company and the chief tech people not only stop by, but post and respond and 'Live online chat' to the forum users!! -
  5. I smoked for about 25 years, then I just stopped a year ago. Now i cant believe it when I smell people who smoke or if Ive been out in bars when I get home I need to take a shower and throw my clothes straight in the washer the smell is disgusting. I also dont like people smoking near me anymore but I dont create I just put up with it - nothing worse than a rehabilitated smoker who starts preaching - lol!! I dont allow people to smoke in my house either, even when I did smoke that wasnt allowed even by myself!
  6. Yup and hatching cunning plans to rip off other people and companies technology!!
  7. Only the Famous evil people, not the good famous ones - lol
  8. I am a computer!! - Oh no Im not I just spend far too long in front of them!! 10-12hrs per day - Ive got a headache!!
  9. English mainly plus Portuguese. Throw in some perl, Python, java, add a pinch of hex and binary and now lets talk about Kernels and source code - weve got a conversation going - lol!
  10. Ignore this some error occurred resulting in the post appearing twice - lol!!
  11. Its a bit confusing having soft drinks competing with alcohol. Everyone HAS to drink water in some form, but not alcohol. Anyway with alcohol I like to meet up regularly with my very good friend Mr Daniels.
  12. Hmm never mind, just tried a system restore and the whole installs off walking the dog now, saying the disc is corrupt and other such nonsense - geez I hate this **** OS. Oh well looks like another reinstall - great!!!
  13. My AV - PC Cillin keeps reporting an "internal error cant update". So me thinks easy just uninstall it then reinstall, only problem is that I cant get it to uninstall, th eprogress bar get to about 75% then it 'rolls back'. Ive also tried Advanced Uninstaller using the 'Forced Removal' option and still no luck, Its been going on for about a week now and I just cant seem to get it to uninstall, the problem is that the Def files arent getting any younger Any suggestions on how I can uninstall it to get it reinstalled?? What about in safe mode maybe?? (problem is I cant remember how to boot into safe mode, its so long since Ive done it - lol)
  14. prathapml Okay I can see where your coming from, however with due respect, what I would say is that when I talk about the best suite I am talking about functionality, I have (Licensed) MS office, I also have Star Office (licensed) and Open office (GPL). I can assure you that MS Office is by far more functional than either of the competitors. Open office is fine for basic word proccesing and Spreadsheets etc, Star is better but the best is definitely MS Office. I use office packages for approx 10 hours per day, 5 days per week, and consider myself an Excel power user, Im pretty confident that I know a good Office Suite when I use it.. ps - incidentally I do not support piracy -
  15. ROTFLOL!! Yup that was my reaction Provided the money is going towards Mozilla and OOo projects an dthat was declared then fine, however I believe this is about perceived value. ie charge for something and its gotta be good, nothing thats free is any good. If thats the case its an excercise in deception as far as Im concerned.
  16. The Codecs were part of Microsofts out of court settlement with Linspire (formerly Lindows). They paid Linspire $20m, plus I think it was a 4 year license to the codecs, in return Linspire had to surrender the Lindows Inc domain and name to Microsoft. So i suppose they are free to use them as they see fit, but why would anyone buy software that is freely available?? I also think they are attempting to mislead people into believing that Open Office is as good as MS office, OOo is okay but MS Office is the undesputed best suite available.
  17. Check this out - OOoFf Now as Open Office and firefox are free downloads, also regularly on Cover Cds and cross platform anyway - why would anyone pay for them???? has someone completely lost the plot???? - rofl
  18. PM me your email address and Ill send an invite
  19. I still have a load to give away, if you want one pm me also (email Address and Name). PS - I dont think theyre exclusive so Ill give em to anyone NewB, or otherwise
  20. DaLurker - correct, windows will not recognise linux, You should install Linux second and it will usually offer to resize your windows partition to create a partition for itself. Incidentally - Linux also cannot directly boot a windows installation, instead the Linux bootloader acts as a chainloader whereby it loads the native Windows bootloader which in turn boots Windows.

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