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  1. I installed my windows xp OS using Nlite which I aquired here at MSFN. I tried using MSTCS and it gave me an error saying "Windows cannot access the specified devise, path or file. You may not have to appropriate permissions to access the item. I've also tried to reinstall it, but I get ' Remote desktop connection cannot be installed cause your operating system already has a built in version. I am logged in as te administrator of this machine I trying to run it from. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Sounds to me like your IE isn't configured correctly. Remember to check settings in your Internet Properties ;Connection Tab!
  3. Hi All I'm looking for a map editor to add waypoints to certain maps in counter strike version 1.5. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Are there any alternatives to the suprnova.org site. I always went there to download and I doubt them going down means that bittorrent will die. Any suggestions?
  5. Can you take a screen shot of the options and send it to me. You'll find my email address under this reply.
  6. cigarette! Outlook express or Microsoft outlook?
  7. Click once on the file so that it is highlighted........ Then hold in shift and right click on the file....... On the menu there should be the open with option..... Then you can choose either notepad or wordpad to edit with....
  8. What Marsden said is correct. It usually pertains to some incompatibility associated with a modem, network card, etc. Try removing these cards for the installation period and replacing them when the installation is complete. Also I've had the installation freeze because of a "process error". The pc actually stopped responding instead of a total freeze up. Try the installation again and when the pc freezes try holding in shift and hitting f10. If the computer has stopped responding it should bring up the task manager and you can view the processes running. If that doesn't work then you'll have to use your screw driver.
  9. Don't be stupid! Windows XP Pro!!!!! Total Copy or Total Commander?
  10. You need to use the Devcon program to enable and disable network connections from the command line. Devcon is listed as a "Command Line Utility Alternative to Device Manager. The command to enable the connection looked like this: devcon enable *rc_virtualadapter And the command to disable the connection looked like this: devcon disable *rc_virtualadapter I am not sure how I found out the connections "name" but if you google devcon.exe you should be able to find it. You can get more information, and download devcon, from microsoft at http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;EN-US;Q311272
  11. FIrst up ipconfig /release is a command used to release your IP address only. Renew just renews it. It doesn't disable the network. Obviously if you release your IP you won't be able to browse the network, but it doesn't mean it's disabled. I'm not sure which command will disable your LAN connection but I'll look it up.
  12. Backup, Reinstall.... Works every time!
  13. As far as I know you must allocate a drive letter to access partions. When using your external drive on another machine it should automatically use the next available drive letters to recongnise the different partions. Otherwise asign drives letters like R: or S:! The chances of another pc having so many IDE drives to reach the letters R or S in very small. Let me know if I was of any help.....
  14. The guys in my company are always on about the current temp of thier pc's. I have a P4 prescot 2.8 Ghz which runs under full load at about 62 Degrees C. Is this a reasonable temp? What would be the ideal temp for a P4 to run at under full load ( like playing HL2 )?
  15. I went to look at this site a few weeks back and have been spammed ever since. My hotmail account has never seen so many emails before...... A warning to all, don't sign up or anything just delete any mails you may recieve from this site. (mails usually sent to yahoo or hotmail accounts)
  16. Wired mouse/keyboard! Compaq or dell?
  17. Thanks to all who replied. I've come to the conclusion that if I can't find a way to get through our firewall to use P2P software then niether can the users. Also I'm going to close this topic, unless anyone has anything else to say or add?
  18. I take it you both are americans, so heres a South Aricans point of view. Doesn't matter who one or lost, niether of you can change this so don't stress and get all upset over it. Your both part of the greatest nation in the world. Don't get me wrong I loved SA and would gladly give my life for her. What is important now is how Bush handles his next few years in the white house and the decisions he makes. I watched the 9/11 movie by michael moore, but I took everything I saw and heard with I pinch salt. After all it is only the point of view by one man. He to can't change how things have turned out. I see the whole voting machine thing as information not speculation as to who should have been elected president or who cheated. "The universe will unfold as it should."
  19. OK, for thoughs of you that are confused maybe.... Try : www.mach90.com or more specifically http://www.mach90.com. B)
  20. I'm not too famillier with the whole stream lining WinXP. What I do know however is that with certain motherboards you need the SATA drivers when installing XP. In my case I didn't need SATA drivers. I have a asus P4C800 motherboard. First of all you need the drivers matched specifically for you motherboard. Also make sure that you HDD doesn't need any extra drivers or settings to work with your motherboard. I take it you are using Winxp 64 bit edtion to go with your 64bit CPU? Let me know I was of any help......
  21. Does anyone know if this system advertised on the net is a scam or does it actually work?
  22. Whats done is done people. Bill won't make us rich and no ones going to take his money away from him. He is the richest man in the world and he deserves it. If I came up with a product that hit the world but storm, I do all in my power to promote and keep the profits rolling and I'm sure we all would. Microsoft won't live forever. By 2010 microsoft will not be the most popular operating system. Novell has just bought Suse and there are big ideas down that pipeline... As for linux. The company just needs to find a way to make there OS's more simple to manage and "user friendly" as they say. I hope Bill enjoyed his B-Day, his also human just like you and me.........
  23. I'm still playing HL2 and have been for a few weeks now, I don't get much time because of work etc.... I was wondering if anyone ahs got suck before? I got stuck trying to climb on to a Military Truck... My view on HL2 is that it is the ultimate game of 2004/2005 and I can't wait to see what valve next is store for us.
  24. I think evey computer geek has thought about what life really is after the Matrix. Whoever's anneversary you forget problbbly won't understand the concept your trying to put through. Just click on your image and it opens perfectly in a new browser page so don't stress people can see your creation.

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