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Registry Tweaks

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@Jogy:  If you meant having the actual "Open With.." option appear on each file, instead of just those that Windows normally chooses, then this is the registry tweak I found on other MSFN forum somewhere:

@="Open With..."


Also, be sure to put this in as well so that it doesn't appear twice for files that normally have it already:


Ah! yes .. :) thats the one I meant!


Edit... The last thing mentioned about putting the line so that it does not appear twice ... would it be possible to do the converse... I mean, Put it in there only if it does not exist?

Now, it puts it in and takes out whats there originally. Can it be put in only if the "Open With >" is not available only?

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Hi all,

My first post on this great site. I read all the manuals and created an super untanded windows xp install.

But i miss a few things; is there a reg key for (i really searched but couldn't find it, or it was unclear to me):

by default in explorer: view folders (on left side you see all hard drives, etc )

by default in explorer: detailed folder view (not the stupid big a** icons)

by default in explorer: the status bar

Thnx a lot!

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I just added to simonsays registering extensions thread something WindowsMediaPlayer fans might like. I posted a Registry Tweak that will associate other file types with WMP, such as Quicktime, Real, APE, FLAC, MPC, and OGG media files. Just FYI in case ya missed it. ;)


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Thank you for point me in the rigth direction, but your reg changed my start menu to the classic start menu.

I manged to modify the key and get my Start menu and single click to open an item enable in the folder options. This is the key setting.




changing 11 to 31 enable double click

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Hi, i hope this is the appropriat place to ask this. When i look at the other posts, i think it is.

But i have been braking my neck over my own .reg file that i can run after installation so that i don't have to set all my settings all over again manually.

I have done alot already, but there are five that don't seem to work, or that i can't seem to find.

1) Enable QuickLaunch

This one is in the tweak file, but that one doesn't work. I use a Classic Start Menu and Theme in case that might be of any use. I checked to see if the key "TaskbarWinXP" indeed is the key that changes when you change the QuickLaunch ON or OFF. And it ofcourse is.

Problem is it doesn't save the key when i logoff or restart.

I checked if it changed when i run the .reg file. It did, but after restart or logoff it was back to the value before i ran the .reg file.

2) Small Icons in Classic Start Menu.

I have looked and compared reg file before and after i changed the settings, but i can't find what or how to set this to ENABLE small icons in the Classic Start Menu.

3) How do i set the time to shut down monitor.

There is this option where you can set the time that the pc has to be idle in order for the monitor to shut down (go into stand by mode). It is located in the Power tab under Screensaver. Default setting is 20 minutes. I have search for this for a long time, but also nothing!. I did find some changes, but nothing worked.

4) No textlabels in Internet Explorer

Can't find it :blushing:

5) Classic Theme (A better way?)

Also i have find out my own way to set the Classic Theme Propperly.

Because i use the tweak used in one of the posts in this thread. That did change it to classic, but the colors and fonts were all incorrect. When i selected Standard Colors again (it was already on this selection, i just selected it again for the Apply button to light up again) and i applyed again. Collors and fonts changed and it was as it is suppose to be. I would like to know if that problem is common with that tweak. And if it is possible to fix it. Cause my tweak to ENABLE Classic Theme is big. The tweak that i use to disable the theme service is not the problem. I tryed it with the service on, same problem. Disabling the theme service, gives the same effect as the tweak that gives the wrong colors.


Any help is appreciated, because i have searched the Internet and this forum a billion times! :wacko:

Thanks in advance!


If you find any errors or things that can be better... i would appreciate if you tell me :)


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1. The tweak for enable Quick Launch which is in the regtweaks at start of this thread, works properly. You need to apply it at T-12, that's the only time it will "stick", otherwise it loses the changes applied.

2. That setting is in the tool-bar key.

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser\ITBarLayout

Set the toolbar to how you want, then export that key. Needs to be applied at T-12, or else it won't stick.

3. Your "time for monitor" and other power settings are here:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Power

Set it to how you want, reboot, then export that key.

4. Maybe this:

; small icons in start menu

5. Don't use registry tweaks for classic theme. You need to have the below section in winnt.sif instead:


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@ MyDomain

When you do 'slim down' your file, bear in mind that there are spelling mistakes and also if you apply a tweak to HKLM it doesn't also need applying to HKCU and HKU. You shouldn't be applying settings to ControlSet001 just CurrentControlSet.

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