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  1. Sorry for the late reply but I was busy at work. @ Vigilante to answer your questions, yes I pop my DVD in it loads the ezboot menu and then if I want to load the RC then I choose that option on the list. The RC is only 6.7MB, so it loads under 30 seconds. It does have to loads some drivers and files in ram then I enter "r", then it present me with the options to which windows folder to log into. Some hex editing is required because the RC on harddrive is call differently than on CD/DVD. email me if you still need help on this.
  2. This is how I did it, Everything was done in VMware, then I burn the CD/DVD. 1- What I did was install the RC, then copy the folder and rename it RCXP 2- Hex edit SETUPLDR.BIN and replace i386 with RCXP. 3- Hex edit my .dat file and change i386 to RCXP 3- Since I have a Muilt DVD, I use Ezboot to create my DVD boot menu and call my .dat file to load the RC. I am at work right now and I wrote these steps by memory, when I go home tonight I will edit this post if necessary.
  3. Maybe we didn't understand each other but, I have the console on my Muilt DVD and I select this from my dvd boot menu and the recovery console loads off the DVD. So I pop my DVD in any computer and I can load the recovery console without making any changes or adding any files to that system.
  4. I know DreamPackPL loads the recovery console at boot for Windows 2000 and XP, maybe this will help. Sorry I can insert a link because I am not sure if this it allowed in this forum. Google DreamPackPL.
  5. Thank you. That's the file.
  6. I think that too but how can I find that key. Do you know of any software that can help. These are the version of XP that's listed in sysdm.clp. 180, "Microsoft Windows XP" 188, "64-Bit Edition" 189, "Embedded" 190, "Home Edition" 191, "Professional" If the version is Media Center Edition or Table PC it gets the info someplace else.
  7. Does anyone know the file that identfy windows version under system properties. for example Windows Media Center Table PC Version 2005 I checked sysdm.cpl already that only has Professional and couple others. Thank You
  8. By default InCD is not installed how can you enable this in the installer
  9. WOMP or Moviex my favorite is WOMP. use ultraiso open the iso you downlaoded, save the boot file and extraxt the two folder. the command for easyboot is bootinfotable;run womp.bif
  10. I found my problem, it has nothing to do with my ISO setting. It was my winnt.sif file. [Display] BitsPerPel = 16 Vrefresh = 70 XResolution = 1024 YResolution = 768 should have been [Display] BitsPerPel = 32 This was causing the icons on my desktop to appear broken and croped
  11. Does anyone understand what I mean or not? Is that the reason for no resposes. Can someone post what they use to make their ISO
  12. I think it has to do with this! FileSystem=* If you prefer to manually choose a partition during text-mode setup with full control on choice of filesystem, add this entry to your winnt.sif file
  13. I made a multi boot dvd with Windows xp Pro and BartPE XPE, everything works great except when I create the Iso. The problem I'm having is finding the right setting to make this Iso. I'm using UltraIso 7.5. What happens is after BartPE loads to the desktop all the icons on the desktop looks broken but XP Pro install to a harddrive desktop looks normal. If I use the mkisofs that included with BartPE, when BartPE loads the icons look normal but now XP desktop icons look broken.
  14. There is also a plugin on the cd forum to remove the 24 hours limit Download Peloader http://www.geocities.com/pierremounir/ Topic http://www.911cd.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=7049
  15. @ msfn11 I do know what I am doing. This program does not show up under msconfig. it is in the control panel Thank you to those who are helping me
  16. When I have this problem CTRL-ALT-DEL does not work. I check them when I was able to boot to my desktop. Sometimes when I have this problem I'm always able to boot to safemode wit no problems. I am starting to think maybe it's related to rhis program FrontMotion Login
  17. Thank you for your relpy, I did ckeck for spyware & Adware ==> nothing check msconfig ==> ok and rebuild NIC ==> ok Same problem
  18. I am having an issue with windows xp pro. sometimes when I start it up, it boots all the way to the wallpaper but not icons or taskbar appears, the mouse works but not the keyboard. Sometimes I wait about 1 min or 2 but nothing happens. I would have to shutdown and restart about 2x before everything loads.
  19. You might also want to edit your post and remove your serial for Nero Enterprise Edition
  20. I call UAP2 from wpi.cmd it starts the program and I see my playlist but, it does not play. Why is this? cmdow @ /HID @ECHO OFF for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\WIN51 set CDROM=%%i: regedit /S "%CDROM%\Software\wpi\common\WPI.reg" start %CDROM%\Software\wpi\UAP\UAP.exe start %CDROM%\Software\wpi\WPI.hta exit
  21. I had the same problem and I followed the guide and was able to load the drivers and complete setup but after windows finish installing it keeps restart in a loop. I'm using promise fasttx2k 378 on the P4C800-E DX. Any help on this.
  22. Many of us might be having the same problems with WINNTBBU.DLL. On my CD the file was .DLL not .dl_. I have tried all suggestion in the forum and the final soultion was to modify and compress -c NOT -C. I was getting errors on 2 files that I modify (syssetup.dl_ and WINNTBBU.DLL) both was coping wrong to drive. But yet it is strange that on my original CD WINNTBUU.DLL was not compress and after I compressed it all's great.
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