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  1. Here's some shell extensions...

    spiritpyre, years ago I had downloaded the file extension toggle & hidden file toggle in cab formats and used to use these with nlite. ... It was a standard addon for me! I have now moved to Win7 and just can't get that cab to work with vlite. Any ideas?? Any work arounds? Can you please help with something that works with vlite? Thanks & Cheers edit: Forgot to add that the current version 3 on page 1 works well with Win7. Its just that I want: 1) to have it working with vlite 2) want all the dll and other files to go to the system32 folder rather than as separate folders inside "Program Files"
  2. Hide/ Unhide Toggle

    Hi, Back with XP, I had an addon that when integrated with nlite gave me an option to toggle on/off the hidden files and also the File Extensions. Do we have something like this for vLite that could be used for Win7? Thanks & Cheers!
  3. Index of ALL my addons [16/10/2011]

    Hi Rado, Really appreciate your work and do check for updates regularly. I was wondering if you could probably make it so that it just replaces the XP sound scheme and does not have an entry in the add/remove component of the control panel. Thanks
  4. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    Not sure what is causing this, but I integrated SP3 & IE8 ... everything was perfect until I tried to go to IE8 Tools/Options ... I keep getting a message that it has been disabled by the administrator!!! Wonder how that happened!
  5. Oh! Well, I'm sorry then ... how do I get the mods attention? Again, the reason I posted it here was that nLite, does seem to do some hacks / mods (removing the "File Protection", patching the UXtheme, etc.) and so I thought that maybe something could be worked out for this as well! Thanks
  6. Hi, As the topic says ... would it be possible to Display the Tabs Bar at the bottom ... just above the status bar??? Maybe through some hack or something? Thanks
  7. Would it be possible to have this on any other site ... I mean other than Rapidshare??? Its blocked
  8. Index of ALL my addons [16/10/2011]

    Rado, would it be possible for you to add an "update date" alongside each entry ... that way, it would be easier for us to know what has been updated recently, without actually going through the last pages of this topic. For the older ones, you could just put some earlier date or ... "prior to 06/18/2007". Cheers
  9. Files on CD not being copied

    Thanks Nuhi The file is attached here. Last_Session.ini
  10. Files on CD not being copied

    Can no one help me?
  11. Files on CD not being copied

    Hi, I created an nLited CD yesterday and went ahead and formated my PC. Installation was quick and smooth However, after the installation, on 1st startup and all thereafter I kept getting a message saying that a required file framedyn.dll was missing and I presume because of that the srclient.dll was having problems ... two error messages in all. Well, I almost connected to the net to look fro framedyn.dll but decided to check the CD first ... and yeah, the file was ther as ... Framedyn.dl_ . I extracted the dll, dumped it into system32 and everything was fine ... even the srclient stopped giving errors! A few minutes later, I noticed that the volume icon was not there in the system try and went to the Audio Properties ... checking the required box again gave a message that the file was missing. Back to the CD and sure enough the required files are all in there! I now wonder why this is happening. My earlier nLited version also gave me the same problem ... and each time I have used a clean full verion of the SP2 iso as the base. This problem was not there for some version I had used a long time before ... think it was version 0.8 or 0.9 ... but all others gave me this problem. Till yesterday, I never thought of searching in the CD itself and hence never knew that the files were actually there but not being copied from the nLited CD. Any ideas what could have happened? ... want to make one good cd. Thanks & Cheers! PS. If I have to attach the Last Session.ini file, can someone tell me if I have to remove any private info from the file before attaching it? Thanks again Oh! I'm sorry .. seems like many have the problem with the framedyn.dll. If still someone can advise me, that would be great ... also what about the volume in system tray
  12. Well, I'm really getting bugged now! I have NOT removed my "Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder" All the required files are available on the nLited CD .... both files required for the Volume control and the makeiso.inf! Just do not know why it did not get copied to the right places .... and worse is that I now do not know where to copy the makeiso.inf file to! I mean, I presumen its in the inf folder under windows, but on checking, I see that the file already exists! I'm just wondering what "makeiso.inf has to do with Add/Remove Programs
  13. Oooppss ... sorry for the delay, but I just got the opportunity to check out the pc with the problem! The message I get is:
  14. So, can no one help me out with this???? Just saw that someone else is having a problem with the Add/Remove as well! See here! As regards the Volume control in taskbar, I extracted the required files from the *.dl files in the XP CD and it works fine now ... so a just wondering why those files were not installed at the time of installation ... after all the files were available on the nLited CD. Please ... Please help!
  15. 22 views and no replies??? Somebody please help .... I really need to get into the Add/Remove window components! Thanks