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  1. Dunno , but for me its working with only one % , if I use two then the list is empty and gets names like %1_CONTENTS LIST.TXT
  2. Make the Acronis bootable CD , then extract the bootimage from it using Ultraiso , you'll get a ~15MB .bif file , rename it to .wbt , In cdshell you must have the bcdw module ( in boot\modules folder ) then put a line like this in cdshell.ini : if $lastKey == key[??]; then bcdw /<path-to>/DDSuite.wbt
  3. this one : REG ADD "HKCR\Folder\shell\List Contents\command" /ve /d "%COMSPEC% /C DIR ""%1\"" /B /O /S>""%1\""\"_CONTENTS LIST.TXT""
  4. the -b is neccessary , YOURCDLABEL should be change to label your compilation for XPSP1 you find them here : Ex: -lX1AHFPP_EN and the targetdir changed too , in your case I guess : C:\XPCD
  5. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics] "Shell Icon BPP"="16"
  6. You can make one sfx from Opera , I made one for emergency use , in case Firefox doesn't cooperate .
  7. he-he , nice thanks , I must say I love the option to make an Iso from the Recycle bin or MyComputer How could I change this to a cascade menu as my context is already crowded .
  8. Why install a third party software when MS gives you that , also , the picture taken from the keyboard Print screen is much better(sharper) then using a soft .
  9. http://aom.heavengames.com/gallery/aoe3-earlyshots?page=1
  10. I too removed WMP9 and now I'm with Videolan , good for streamed files
  11. In user accounts panel - "Change the way users log on ..."- check the "Use the welcome screen"
  12. Do you have ident files on the CD root and next to I386?: WIN51 WIN51IP win51ip.SP2
  13. Firefox and Opera both have one built in ...for log in
  14. %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<account>\bookmarks.html
  15. Place the reg file like next to the sfx then in run before extract: regedit /S %Systemdrive%\Install\bla-bla.reg
  16. In "Run after extract" put : cmd /c del /f /q <path-to\settings.reg> Not tested..
  17. Cartoonite , that's kinda what I explained in my previous post . You have a bigger SFX that extracts 3 smaller ones to any directory you point , I usually use %temp% , then calls the first of the three which extracts , again , to a chosen map then calls the second sfx,from "run after extraction" option , extracts and calls the third one , and so on ... The "extract to temporary folder" option doesn't seem to work with more then two sfx's somehow so better select a path to extract. I prefer this method as no batch is needed to run each sfx , tho you need one to cleanup . Not tested if the "start /wait" command works with sfx's if using batch ...

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