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Registry Tweaks

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Sorry for the long post :blushing: i will not post it like that again, my appolegies!

I just started this, this is my first .reg file i ever written. (You probably noticed that)

So here again are some questions.


1) T12? Could you explain what that means? I'm not yet known with the terminologies.

2) Yes i found that one in the file as well. But that one doesn't work. I read somewhere that it doesn't work for the Classic Start Menu. I could be wrong ofcourse. But i tryed it... it did not work. Is this also a setting that should be applyed at that T12? moment?.

; small icons in start menu

3) Could you explain this also?


This thing is for the Classic Theme i assume? It does give the correct collors?

And when i do this i can also remove the current Classic ControlPanel tweak?


Did you find spelling mistakes in the tweaks? I will look it through, pointers might be nice, you don't need to spellcheck it completly ofcourse, but just an example of what kind of spelling mistakes i made.

Why should i not apply it there? With slimming it down i only ment for the things that don't need to be used, like all the settings for WMP. Can it do any harm if i apply it to all of those other HK's? Or has it no effect, or can it screw things up? What could be the consequenties?

About ControlSet001, all settings there can be applyed in the CurrentControlSet?

Thanks for the quick feedback.

I will try the other tweaks which i had no questions for right now.

I'll let you know if it worked.



The entire folder should be placed back?

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Power
That would be these 5?





Thanks in advance!

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T minus twelve, is the time-point in setup - it refers to the stage where XP setup shows "12 minutes remaining".

what you can do at T-12 - link

3). Yes, that is for classic theme and start menu. It just uses standard classic color, so it has to be the "correct" one probably. Do try it and tell if that's the one.

About whether you can remove the classic CPL tweak, I think you still need to apply that.

About CurrentControlSet001, yes there are some tweaks that need to applied to the "001" key - those will then come into effect from next reboot. But most don't need to go into the "001" key. Just see what works and use it accordingly..... its up to you!

With slimming it down i only ment for the things that don't need to be used, like all the settings for WMP. Can it do any harm if i apply it to all of those other HK's? Or has it no effect, or can it screw things up? What could be the consequences?
I would strongly say don't use the settings that you're not sure of. If you don't know what some tweak does, don't use it - there can be lot of harm with unknown tweaks.

Another thing to know, to prevent messes, is to not use tweaks that are ANYWAY only the defaults. I mean.... if the default value for a key is "1" and you are applying that key again from your regtweaks, then that can cause some unexpected problems later on. Apply a regtweak only when what you are applying is going to be different from the default.

I'll give an example - in InternetExplorer, the default number of "days to keep" history is 20 days. So there's no need for you to again have a tweak that will set history to 20 days - tweak it only if you are going to set it to something other than 20 days. When you go to any key that has lot of settings (like HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main) and export it to a .reg file, for use in your unattended install, you should delete the keys that you don't intend to change. I hope I explained it in understandable form....

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Yes you have, but then i gues i'm entering again a new field.

I know this is the unattended section, for unattended CD's, but i'm only going install windows, then the SP2 and apply my .reg file. Because i had alot of tweaks in my gpedit.msc, but it is such a s***ty task to do it manually every single time i reinstall my computer. I gues Classic Theme and the Quick Launch still have to be set manually. But i managed to set almost everything in the registry now.

I do know what all the tweaks do but i did not know that it could do harm to add an already excisting one. I'll just strip it down to the only needed once.

I have edited my last message, just in case you haven't read that part yet.

And i tryed the tweak for the internet explorer textlabels, which should be applyed at T12, but it does work if you apply it when windows is already installed. :)

I'm working with a fresh installed pc and SP2. So making mistakes only forces me to reinstall, i won't lose anything. I thought that to be the best way to experiment with something delicate as this. So all my files are saved on a other harddrive :thumbup

Thanks for again a quick feedback!


Maybe i'll go and have a look at making my own CD. Do some research on it.

But i'll first get this stage of getting acquainted with the registry behind me. And i'm almost there. :yes:

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Heres your clue - standaard

About the HKU HKCU HKLM thing

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ - This information is used for all users who log onto the PC

Therefore if everyone is already getting these (global) settings from HKLM, there will also be no point in setting it in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT keys too.

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Hehe... bare in mind that i am dutch, that is the way you spell the word Standard in my language... ;) But i'll check it when i have my questions anwserd and know till what extend i'm going to apply my tweaks.

Thanks for the help so far, i'm waiting patiently for another feedback :thumbup


And you are right about the HK's part i'll clean it up :yes:

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The entire folder should be placed back?
It depends...

You'd know which are the ones that changed - or the name of each key itself will tell you whether its needed or whether the key is unrelated to what you want.

For your testing and mistakes, take a look at VMware - saves a lot of head-aches.

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Oke thanks alot, i gues i'll be busy for a full day again, hope i'll be finished soon...

If i have any questions, i'll nock on the door again :thumbup



I forgot about that one...

You gave me a sollution to get small icons in Classic Start menu, but it does not work.

How come this doesn't work?

Any other ideas?

And also the PowerDown of the monitor policy, doesnt get saved, so i asume that is a T12 thing :)... and that you excedently got this one mixed up with the ToolBarLayout settings for IE.

In hope it is possible to set small icon in my Classic Menu, but i cant find out what it is... tryed alot again, no succes...

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I still can't figure out how to reduce monitor turn off from 20 min to 10 min through a reg tweak. Anyone got the key?

published on the start of this topic there is a similar petition, for this things you can customize your host machine as desired and then export to a reg file this keys...

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\PowerCfg\PowerPolicies\0]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Power]
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\PowerCfg\GlobalPowerPolicy]

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Works perfectly :thumbup

Do you also know how to set small icons for Classic Start Menu?

Or am i doing something wrong that i can't get the other one that has been presented to me to work propperly.

Another question, i saw that in the tweaks file there was the following tweak i already used. But the comments say:

Maximize Number of Simultaneous Connections

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

Which if i'm correct is 64 connections...

Is this indeed the maximum? Because i saw someone who had it set to 999, so i had that to. :unsure:

Thanks in advance!



Another question pops in my head, after these question i think im really done...

Last question:

For some reason when i reinstalled my pc today, i didn't get prompted i believe to fill in Profile names i want to create... So it automaticly used the Administrator account. How can i recreate this? I wanna use that account as a default account and not create other accounts beside it.


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@MyDomain...I dont set mine about dword:20...it does get to a point where no matter what you increases it to, it isnt going to come into play...take for instance, do you download more than 20 things at a time? I almost never do...one always finishes before I get on my 10th download. I know dword:20 is more than 20, just telling you what I use.

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Couple of question.

On Page 13, Toecutter mentioned:

But if you turn off the Rollback feature of msi installs you are not able to install .NET 1.1 SP1 (the slipstreamed version by RyanVM)

Does this mean that if I put the following the in "cmdlines.txt", the .NET 1.1 will not install (I've slipstreamed SP2)?


"REGEDIT /S xp_cd.reg"


Also, in the "cmdlines.txt" do I have to put the line "REGEDIT /S xp_cd.reg" before or after ".\install\dotnetfx.exe"?

and finally, If I put stuff in the .\$OEM$\Install folder will it autoinstall if no reference is put in the "cmdlines.txt" file? I do not want to install some files ... just keep it on the CD.

Will really appreciate some help on this.


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