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Registry Tweaks

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Hi, does anyone know the regedit to always open internet explorer maximized?



i found the answer...

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]




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When I apply the following reg tweak during the cmdlines.txt in a new install

of XP My Computer is renamed to some wierd characters. I've applied it to an

old install and haven't seen the same thing. But if I go to the same point in

the registry the default is 'My Computer' and Localised string is set to

the weird characters. On the new install both are set to the weird characters

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;-----  Adds Registry Editor right click of MY Computer
@="Registry Editor"

just a did a fresh install using many tweaks from this thread ill double check to see if it is the above tweak causing it

characters are like this

[] [] [] [] [] r  instead of My computer

EDIT: yes I can confirm that was the cause..all ok without that tweak in my new install

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that was already mentioned in this thread, here it goes again.

;-----  Adds Registry Editor right click of MY Computer

This uses for command %Systemroot%\regedit.exe, meaning you can install your windows on any folder you like.

BTW, any portuguese fellow change the first string to this: (it will show in right click EDITOR DE REGISTO insted of REGISTRY EDITOR)


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Been looking for sometime with no success. Can anyone suggest registry tweaks to accomplish any of the following:

1) In the Local Area Connection Propoerties: "Show network adapter icon in notification area when connected."

2) In a folder: Tools-->Folder Options-->General tab: "Single click to open an item \ Underline icon titles only when I point at them. "

3) Folder toolbars: a) Unlock the toolbars, b) Show small icons, and c) Disable "go" button.

While I'm in the neighborhood I should also ask if there is a way to incorporate into my unnattended install a file dumped from the built-in Windows XP "Files and settings Transer Wizard"? This could potentially eliminate some registry hacking. Has anyone tried?

Thanks for the help,


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@snelepahant - point 1 you can't do as each time you build it will change as uses clsid.

I know a vbs script was posted in here somewhere that does that, and works perfectly.

The Go button is done via the internetExplorer|Main settings

Others, Sorry, i don't know.

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Hi I have a problem with my start menu go into classic mode, im just wondering if someone could have a look my reg tweaks to see what im doing wrong. :(

yea, i got dat too with a tweak from the 1st post. i fixed it but now i can't remember which it was, but i think it was this:

;-----  Turns off the recycle bin delete confirm




try this instead, if it's not this, u can always change back to the above.

;Disable File Delete Confirmation

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Yet another round of modifications - mainly corrections as suggested by everybody.

Most importantly, the issue where the registry editor right-click option made "My Computer" turn into "� � � � � � � � � � � � r" has been rectified. Atleast now, its (hopefully) bug-free for the most part.

Also, some of the tweaks for which some of you wanted warnings in the description - this request has been done. And better sorting in the file too. Then a few additions to the tweaks. All suggestions/additions to this point have been added.

Re-download to enjoy the new file.

Hope ya like it!

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