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  1. another TCPIP.SYS modification tool works for unattended install cp /si for current informations Cp.rar
  2. for windows XP is SZ and in 2000,2003 is dowrd (Docs said that) ;This disables the screensaver [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Control Panel\Desktop] "ScreenSaveActive"="0" <<<< this is SZ not dword works fine for me
  3. StatusBar This might help [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main] ; # for explorer "StatusBarOther"=dword:00000001 ; # for Internet Explorer "StatusBarWeb"=dword:00000001
  4. Oh ! They are just not identical . hmm ... They are the same thing ~ When u use "Winnt.exe /xxx /xxx /xxx" to install, u need a Text file that we usually call it "unattend.txt" , but u can use a parameter to make it a different name, like "abc.txt" or "MyUnatt.txt" We call this Text file "Answer File" --> Winnt.exe /u:[Answer_File_FUll_Name] (for install in Win32 Env use winnt32.exe) And if we want Use a CD-Install then we must use the name "Winnt.sif" Why ? Cause , the Name is hard coded ! unless u change the program code, u must use that file name for cd-install
  5. If those info already had been posted, please just ignore it. If something is incorrect, please tell me. What happen to VisualEffects code ? After doing some research, i figure out what happened ~ First there 3 part of code control what your XP's VisualEffects * Part 1. the default value for the reset to default BTN * Part 2. the default value for the setting window to check or uncheck the option checkbox * part 3. the reall codes that effect the VisualEffects and where they had been stored and what they means ### Part 1. ### the default value for the reset to default BTN the defination of this is in the subkey of [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder] like AnimateMinMax,ComboBoxAnimation,CursorShadow...etc. ex: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VisualEffects\ListviewAlphaSelect] "Type"="checkbox" --> the type what it is, a checkbox as u see in the performence -> VisualEffect setting window "Text"="@shell32.dll,-30540" --> the text script for that checkbox "RegPath"="Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer\\Advanced" --> reg path to set the value "ValueName"="ListviewAlphaSelect" --> This is where the real vaule has been stored "CheckedValue"=dword:00000001 --> the value when checkbox is checked "UncheckedValue"=dword:00000000 --> the value when checkbox is unchecked "DefaultValue"=dword:00000000 --> the default vaule tp apply when reset to default BTN is pressed "DefaultByAlphaTest"=dword:00000001 --> default for alpha test "HelpID"="windows.hlp#51140" --> this is help entry for the "?" on icon upper right window When u press Set to Default BTN , WindowsXP will set the value of "DefauleValue" to the "ValueName"( the reg key) of "RegPath" ( the reg path where reg key is) SomeKey does not have the "RegPath" , "ValueName" instead of "CLSID" or just no description But that is just the way where to the real value defferent, the action is the same --> press Reset to Default BTN and then DefalueValue set to where they should be stored So now we know where the default value is stroed, but if you set Part 3 to make it as default user value at T-13 , this defalut value will be override, cause reg privillege HKCU > HKLM. ### Part 2. ### the default value for the setting window to check or uncheck the option checkbox then what the part for ? the reg code path [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VisualEffects] when you open VisualEffect setting window there are 4 setting option grouped in 4 radio BTN 1. Let WindowsXP choose 2. Best VisualEffect 3. Best performence 4. Customer settting when u choose 1, WindowsXP will set all value to check/enable when u choose 2, WindowsXP will set all value to uncheck/disable when u choose 3, WindowsXP will let u to deside which one to check/enable or uncheck/disable When u choose 1, 2 or 3, the reg code under HKCU\...\VisualEffects does not effect any thing(any checkbox) on VisualEffect setting window when u choose 0, all checkbox or radio BTN on VisualEffect window will use the value of the DefaultValue key of HKCU\..\VisualEffects\"the effect Key" Change those value of "DefalutValue" directly by reg only effect the setting window, change nothing about the VisualEffect or the real vaule where they has beed stored, but will effect the new user, add new user will use this "DefaultValue" to set the value in Part 3, and if the key "DefaultValue" of HKCU does not exist, it will use the same key of HKLM instead. Normally (the programmer thought) we should choose 1. Let WindowsXP choose. And then WidwosXP will set all checkbox to show if they check/enable or not by using the value of "DafalutValue". And then if we press OK or Apply BTN, WindowsXP will set the value to where they should be stored (cancle to set nothing). What heppened if we edit reg directly ? If we edit the registry directly, this will happen (for ex. set "VisualFXSetting" to 0), the checkbox is unchecked but the VisualEffect is still on when u open the VisualEffect window, and the apply BTN is gray (means u change nothing), then when u press OK, WindowsSP will not set value( just like u press cancle BTN), cause WindowsXP think u did not chenge anything. (every time until u do make a change) (also Set "VisualFXSetting" to 1 all checkbox will checked, Set "VisualFXSetting" to 2 will make all checkbox to be unchecked nomatter they actualy enable or not) So what i want to say is if u do not edit the Value where is stored and the "DefaultValue" at the same time, when u open VisualEffect setting window, the value (checked or not) show in that window may different from your reall setting that you are using. That confuse some people a lot ~ So. we could change Part 2. and Part 3. at the same time to sync it, but this means you are change the default for new user too. ### part 3. ### the reall codes that effect the VisualEffects and where they had been stored and what they means (Notic: use it = checked = enable ; not to use it = unchecked = disable) (some of those value also can be sett thgough Desktop --> right kick properties --> Visual tab --> Effects) those are where the real setting been stored: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced] 1. WebView 2. ListViewWaterMart 3. TaskbarAnimations 4. ListViewShadow 5. ListViewAlphaSelect [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics] 1. MinAnimate [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] 1. FontSmoothing 2. DragFullWindows 3. UserPreferencesMask and what they means : a. WebView (dword) : Use common tasks in folders 1 to use it , 0 to not to use it (you may also want to see WebviewBarricade and HKCU\...\Explorer\WebView\BarricadedFolders to override WebView one by one, ex: "shell:ControlPanelFolder"=dword:00000000, same as WebView, 0 to not to use it) b. ListViewWaterMart (dword) : Use background image for each folder type 1 for yes, 0 for no c. TaskbarAnimations (dword) : Slide taskbar buttons 1 for yes, 0 for no d. ListViewShadow (dword) : Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop 1 for yes, 0 for no e. ListViewAlphaSelect (dword) : Show translucent selection rectangle 1 for yes, 0 for no f. MinAnimate (sz) : Animate Windows when minimizing and maximizing 1 for yes, 0 for no g. FontSmoothing (sz) : Smooth edges of screen fonts 2 for yes, 0 for no (Yes, set to 2 if you want to enable, see also "FontSmoothingType" (dword) 1 for standar 2 for clear type but "FontSmoothingOrientation" ? i have no idea) h. DragFullWindows (sz) : Show window contents while dragging 1 for yes, 0 for no i. UserPreferencesMask (hex 32-bits) : This is a bits mask muti-Value bit 0 : Active window tracking : 0 for no 1 for yes (hmmm this is another way to set Active window tracking, all i know there 3 different way ) bit 1 : Menu animation : Fade or slide menu items into view : 1 for enable, 0 for disable, but effect depend on bit 9 bit 2 : Combo box animation : Slide open combo boxes : 1 for enable, 0 for disable bit 3 : List box smooth scrolling : Smooth-scroll list boxes : 1 for enable, 0 for disable bit 4 : Gradient captions : Gradient effect for window title bars : 1 for enable, 0 for disable bit 5 : Keyboard cues : Menu access key letters underlined when u press ALT : 0 for enable, 1 for disable bit 6 : Active window tracking Z order : Windows activated through active window tracking are not brought to the top : 0 for enable, 1 for disable bit 7 : Hot tracking : 1 for enable, 0 for disable bit 8 : Reserved for future use, and used now ? i have no idea, always 0 bit 9 : Menu fade : Menu animation effect : 1 for yes, 0 for no bit 10 : Selection fade : Menu animation effect : 1 for yes, 0 for no bit 11 : Tool tip animation : Fade or slide ToolTips into view : 1 for enable, 0 for disable, but effect depend on bit 12 if 1 -> fade, 2 -> slide bit 12 : Tool tip fade : Tool tip animation effect : 1 for enable,0 for disable, but ignore if bit 11 is 0 bit 13 : Cursor shadow : Show shadows under mouse pointer : 1 for yes, 0 for no bit 17 : Use visual styles on windows and buttons : 1 for yes, 0 for no bit 18 : Show shadows under menus : 1 for yes, 0 for no bit 31 : UI effects : does it ecceft any UI : 1 for all yesl, 0 for all no and bit 14,15,16,19 - 30 ? those bits are reserved for future use. and some of them are in use on WindowsXP bit 14,15,16 control mouse behaviour Now ~ what you want your Windows look like ? jsut set it ~
  6. AriesSyntax Allready said that. oop! sorry
  7. set "UserPreferencesMask"=hex:ff, 3e, 00 00 to "UserPreferencesMask"=hex:fe, 3e, 00 00
  8. Sure with any ATI graphic card and XP1-some-hotfix or XP2 if u set "LargeSystemCache"=dword:00000001 then u might never see any of desktop of your account
  9. whever which is right one , it does not matter any more This registry key is no longer supported in Microsoft Windows 2000 or later so ~ see it in http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;196480
  10. lol That is not what u tought ~ those HKCU and HKLM's VisualEffects code is not reall place where the setting store ~ it just work for the checkbox of setting-window *** AND let you decide what value wil be the window's choice *** when VisualFXSetting set to 0 , the default will be applied to checkbox but only checkbox not to real place the value been stored so u can see the 16 checkbox just like what u want (u can set the defalut-value u want) this changes nothing of the real setting-value in registry ex: DropShadow DefalutValue = 0 DefaultApplied = 1 and VisualFXSetting = 0 when u open the setting windows the DropShadow checkbox will * uncheck * even it's reall setting-value is check then u can check it and kick Apply BTN , the value will store correctly But next u open the setting window , the checkbox will still be --> uncheck This is a logical programming bug ~ Because the programmer never think u will edit the registry this way so ~ all u have to do is switch to costum-settings the switch back to let windows choose and kick Apply BTN then the value stored in to registry is the same and next time u open setting window , the checkbox-value and stored-value will be the same or u just need also to change the setting-value with the same value when u change the value of DefalutValue (but u know where the real setting stored ?) ,if not ,whever , this will only happened at the first time u try to set the setting ~ after that the bug will gone ~

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