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Registry Tweaks

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Oddbasket, your start menu fix for the main "Registry Tweaks.zip" file works! It returned my start menu from the "classic" style to the new XP start menu style.
Hi I have a problem with my start menu go into classic mode, im just wondering if someone could have a look my reg tweaks to see what im doing wrong. :(

yea, i got dat too with a tweak from the 1st post. i fixed it but now i can't remember which it was, but i think it was this:

;-----  Turns off the recycle bin delete confirm




try this instead, if it's not this, u can always change back to the above.

;Disable File Delete Confirmation

Furthermore, not only did your tip fix the start menu, it also correctly implemented the disabling of file delete confirmation. The previous setting did not disable delete confirmation. As of the time of this writing, the master tweak file at the start of this thread still contains the possilby erroneous recycle bin tweak. Is this a glaring bug or does it perhaps serve some purpose I am unaware of?

Thanks for the tip Basket,


Yes, i noticed the attachment in the 1st post still contains this mistake. prathapml didn't update my correction in his last update. Although i haven't been giving questionable advice, i just need more posts under my belt for ppl to trust me, it seems to be human nature :lol:

Glad to be of help snelephant ;) .

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Everybody is valued here. :)

Number of posts does not matter.


Yet another change, with all the corrections suggested in the last 2 days. The start-menu and recycle-bin error is fixed. Some more sorting carried out, for ease-of-use. Version number bumped up to v1.6.

Updated first-post. Re-download to get it.

The bugs reported until now are (hopefully) fixed by now. BTW, its been a long time since some new tweaks were introduced on this thread. Looking forward to them!

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Retested in several computer

the following can be safely disable


; Services


; Note: Change the values to set the services to automatic, manual or disable


; 00000002 = Automatic

; 00000003 = Manual

; 00000004 = Disabled

; services.msc


;Alerter (sp2 disable as default)



;ClipBook (sp2 disable as default)



;Computer Browser



;Error Reporting






;Messenger (sp2 disable as default)



;Net Logon



;NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing



;Network Provisioning



;Performance Logs & Alerts



;Portable Media Serial Number Service






;Remote Desktop Help Session Manager



;Remote Registry



;Routing and Remote Access (sp2 disable as default)



;Secondary Log-on



;Security Center









;SSDP Discovery Service (Universal Plug'n'Play)



;System Restore



;Task Scheduler



;TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Service









;Universal Plug and Play Device Host



;Web Client



;Windows Time



;WMI Performance Adapter



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;-----  Don't accept shortcuts that splat themselves all over Windows

can someone explain this? is this disabling EVERY setup from creating shortcut icons on the desktop and quicklaunch, but allowing them on start menu?

what types of setups are effected by this?

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can someone explain this?  is this disabling EVERY setup from creating shortcut icons on the desktop and quicklaunch, but allowing them on start menu?

what types of setups are effected by this?

No setup is affected at all!

Those registry keys are related only to Windows Media Player (and even then, SPECIFICALLY to versions 9 and 10).

If you start WMP for the first time (v8) on XP original, or XPSP1, it just simply runs - it doesn't throw nonsensical dialogs at you. But you would have noticed with a slip-streamed XPSP2 CD, that when you start WMP9 for the first time, it starts a **** setup (that is very annoying - come on, it was already setup which is why its able to run in the first place). This setup runs whenever you login with a newly created account (or user profile) - its annoying if you're the Sys-Admin for 30 PCs on a network, and each PC has 4 users - and 120 users have to see the WMP9 (which was actually integrated into XP) setup when they run it the first-time. And if you keep re-installing your OS, its even more annoying to see the WMP setup screen every month! While going through these setup screens, you're required to choose which locations, the short-cuts to WMP should be created in (desktop, start menu, quick launch). Also, if you have set WMP (component) to off from winnt.sif, you don't want the shortcuts to WMP to be brought back on, after running wmplayer for the first time.

So there you have it - a detailed explanation of why the WMP setup should be managed using those registry keys. You can use them if you want it, don't if you are a fan of WMP. :)

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hey guys long time no see.

Just a bit of ranting but no hard feelings intended

well I looked through all the reg tweaks that were added and how the original file was modified. I'll say i'm impressed at the ammount of info added, however i'm a bit disapointed in how the change log has been kept upto date .. rather the lack there of. I'll be going through the file once again to sort through it.

At the very least i've seen people ask what "EXACTLY" has been changed, added, etc in the file, and this is the reason I added the changelog to the file in the first place. All you have to do is check out the changelog in the newest version and everything "SHOULD" be listed.

"; Sep 28, 2004: ver 1.4

; - Many corrections/modifications as per proved reports by members

; - Start Menu configuring keys put together, lots of security tweaks, right-click options

; Oct 01, 2004: ver 1.5

; - Yet another Marathon session of corrections/sorting. Too many to list.

; - Lots of new tweaks

; Oct 08, 2004: ver 1.5

; - Many corrections as suggested, and warnings inserted for safety

; Oct 10, 2004: ver 1.6

; - All tweaks for File Search put together

; - Recycle Bin and Start Menu errors corrected

this really does not help the people including myself who want to keep things up to date.

well enough of my ranting. I'll be puting together an OFFICAL 1.4 file for all you guys in the next few days as it'll take a while for me to go over everything. I'm not saying I don't appriciate the work done here in keeping the file current, and don't want hard feelings as I know how much work is involved in organizing this file (don't forget i went over almost 100 pages of posts to make this file) just that a bit more care needs to be taken into account for changes and additions.

just to confirm, the file avliable in the first post is current and up to date as of this post? I want to make sure I've got everything and can monitor any further changes.



Creator of the OFFICAL Johnny Do Reg Tweaks File

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Hallo there, mister OFFICIAL Creator of the Johnny Do Reg Tweaks File. :lol:

Indeed, welcome back after a long time! :)

As for what EXACTLY has changed, I suppose the change-log should now be detached from the main registry tweaks file now, if it was needed to list each modification. 'Coz my guess is the changelog file is going to touch 100 KB by itself! :o

As much effort as goes into trying to keep this regtweaks file up-to-date, there's 2 problems:

1. Listing what changes were made!

2. Try to get the people to NOT use the download as ONE BIG TWEAK-ALL.

You can see that already. As maxXPsoft said some pages before, give 'em all in one place, and they'll apply all and complain. How can you get them to understand, that this is like a library - to copy only the tweaks that you need/understand, and not use the ones that you don't know what it does. I'm getting worn-out trying to explain this! :(

And confirmation - file available for download in first-post is totally up-to-date, as of the edit date/time mentioned there. The only tweaks I haven't looked into yet (so not included), is the services tweaks by illusions (6 posts above) in this page.

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I can't seem to find 2 tweaks:

1) "You are about to view pages over a secure connection" - Do not show this warning

2) "Privacy" - "The privacy icon appears in the status bar each time a cookie is resticted based on your privacy settings" - do not show

3) And this tweak doesn't work for me:

;Remove the 'Shortcut to...' (00 00 00 00 = No Shortcut Text)

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One thing that we can do to stop people from just running the file is the take out the first line of code or just rem it out. Without it, windows will error out and say it's not a valid reg patch. thus people would have to be smart enough to add that line in or to take off the " ; " so that it's useable, if they do that then they obviously take responsibility for running the file. As for explaining to people I woudl not even bother. It's no difference then epoepl who walk onto the street withotu looking both ways and get upset if they are hit with a car.

I disagree with having the change log in a seperate file. If it's included with teh reg tweaks then it's easyer to find and peopel can search for what has been added, changed etc... as for the file size, once you zip the file up the size is marginal ar best unless you have a few million peopel downloading the file thus making bandwidth an issue.

anyways, i'll look at the new file you made and try to organize the change log and make sure it's all up to date and stuff. I've got a few ideas I want to incororate into the file anyways.


ya know i was just thinking. We could keep all changes and addidtions intended for the official tweaks file in a seperate file....then I can actaully keep things uptodate and current. You see I already pass this file around on a couple forums and already have a mirror for it. If everyone made changes to the file and gave it their own version number then it will be a mess for everyone and we'd end up liek the last topic where it's all chaos.

I know it'll be inconveient for some people but it'll help keep things better organized. I know you can appriciate the need and reason for version numbers as well keeping thins organized.

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Ok, got a Problem with one of the tweaks, and needed some further assistance...

1. I've tried the Changing Wallpaper Tweak, and have yet to get it to work (either installed from the Cmdlines.txt registry import entry, or from the Current logged in user registry tweaks). Here is the command for a refresher...

;----- Change the Default Wallpaper to the one I want

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\General]



Now, the wallpaper I have listed is a 431KB jpeg file, that I have under $$\Web\Wallpaper.

As I have said in a previous post, it appears any Jpg file, gets converted by Windows to a BMP file (which is placed under C:\Documents and Settings\"Userprofile name"\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Wallpaper1.bmp). Here is the Reg Key info, and you can see the key that converts the wallpaper...

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]































"Wallpaper"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\Powerhouse\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Wallpaper1.bmp"


"OriginalWallpaper"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\Powerhouse\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Wallpaper1.bmp"


"Pattern Upgrade"="TRUE"



"ConvertedWallpaper Last WriteTime"=hex:00,73,d0,d7,b7,21,c3,01

Now, I've read where people have gotten this to work, and I'm wondering if there is some other setting that needs to be changed in Windows (perhaps the installation of a program like MS Plus!) to allow jpegs to be installed as Wallpaper.

Thoughts? Opinions? Help.....?

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I can't seem to find these regtweaks, can anyone help?

- "You are about to view pages over a secure connection" - Do not show this warning

- "Privacy" - "The privacy icon appears in the status bar each time a cookie is resticted based on your privacy settings" - do not show

- remove "shortcut to" in title of created shortcuts - the one i have (below) doesn't work

;Remove the 'Shortcut to...' (00 00 00 00 = No Shortcut Text)

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