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Hotfixes For Windows XP Professional SP2

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Whatever the name of the hot-fix, you need to just replace it with the number. Like for example, info about the update you mention, should be available at this address:


Just set your browser to keep auto-refreshing that page, until the time something gets posted there by the MS documenters.

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I'm hoping nothing new comes for awhile. At the rate I'm burning through bandwidth, I'll run out in about a week. There's no way I could put out another release this month.

I'm seriously looking into setting up a bittorrent tracker for this to alleviate some of the bandwidth.

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New one out:

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-038

Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (834707)


Direct Download:


Just like the rest.

KB834707.exe /quiet /norestart

This update replaces MS04-025.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-025

Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (867801)



This update may not include hotfixes that have been released since the release of MS04-004 or MS04-025. Customers who have received hotfixes from Microsoft or from their support providers since the release of MS04-004 or MS04-025 should review the FAQ section for this update to determine how this update might affect their operating systems.

This one is Critical guys, time to update the front page.

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OK, to answer my own post: yes.

WindowsXP-KB834707-x86-enu.exe supports the /integrate switch (although it isn't mentioned in the security bulletin).

WindowsXP-KB834707-x86-enu.exe /integrate:W:\WinXPsp2

where W:\WinXPsp2 is your AIP (i.e. contains the I386 directory, etc.) seemed to work for me.


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