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Hotfixes For Windows XP Professional SP2

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This is a list of all the critical hotfixes you need for Windows XP Professional SP2 32-bit. Recommended Updates are excluded from this list as they are not always needed for every system, whereas the Critical Updates should be installed for every system. This list will be updated regularly and old ones removed when a newer hotfix supersedes it.

KB867460 (30th August 2004)

.NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1

Download - 10.2 MB

Note: Only required if you have .NET Framework 1.1 installed.

Switches: See this page.

KB N/A (2nd September 2004)

Windows Script 5.6 for Windows 2000 and XP

Download - 661 KB

Switch: /Q:A /R:N

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The only problem with the WinRAR SFX part is that the MSI running is seen as separate from the exe running, meaning that start /wait is pretty much useless. The way around this is to use 7-zip to create it instead.

I'll edit this post with a link in a minute to a 7-zip version which runs without user interaction. At that point, if Aaron would like to host it on the MSFN site, that would be cool.

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RyanVM - email it, I'll host and bittorrent it on the .NET Framework 1.1 page so visitors don't have to read through a daunting 20 page thread :)

(include instructions too!)

Well, the instructions part will be easy since it's going to be a switchless exe :P

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edit: erm okay since RyanVM did a splendid job with this I've removed my lousy batch file :)

well if anyone wants it pm me or something (though why would u want it right?) :rolleyes:

Edited by XtremeMaC
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