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Hotfixes For Windows XP Professional SP2

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MS04-038: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer


Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer for XP Service Pack 2 (KB834707)

Click to download the patch for Windows XP SP2 IE 6

To integrate into your unattended install;

WindowsXP-KB834707-x86-enu.exe /integrate:[path to your unattended install]\

NB: the path to the unattended install is not to the i386 folder the i386 folder is within the unattended installation path.

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@RyanVM - Why don't you like the "integrate" command?

(I already integrated before reading your comment!!!  :(  )

What if I use a future "hotfix" update of yours and I already integrated this hotfix?

Because it's grossly inefficient. It still requires you to run the EXE and it doesn't compress the hotfixed files on the CD.

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So is there a way to "unintegrate" an integrated hotfix?

You'd have to delete the files it adds to the svcpack directory in i386, remove the entries for it in svcpack.inf, and delete the files in i386 that it copied (easy since they aren't makecabbed :P. You can just grab the list of updated files - there's 5 total I think - and find them).

Or just make the CD again :P. With nLite, it's fricken easy :lol: (Yeah, I recently became a believer)

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