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Guide: Mozilla Firefox Unattended


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I'm kind of surprised that no one else posted this...

The Firefox Homepage has posted Firefox 1.0.1.

The changelog is here.

Here's what's new in Firefox 1.0.1:

    * Improved stability

    * International Domain Names are now displayed as punycode. (To show International Domain Names in Unicode, set the "network.IDN_show_punycode" preference to false.)

    * Several security fixes.

Have they allowed for silent installation yet? or is it time to update the first post with all new files for 1.0.1?

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What's new in Firefox 1.0.1

Last updated February 24, 2005.

Most of the changes in Firefox 1.0.1 were security fixes and stability fixes.

Security hole fixes

    * 22183 - Display hostname in title bar when address bar is hidden, to reduce the impact of the fact that web sites are allowed to spoof address bars.

    * 260560 - Security and download dialogs can be spoofed by covering them partially using popup windows.

    * 262887 - Secunia background tab security issues (SA12712).

    * 273699 - 2 Frame Injection Vulnerabilities (popup blocking race condition & onunload event mis-firing).

    * 275417 - Download dialog source spoofing (SA13599).

    * 279945 - Image drag and drop allows to create executable files.

    * 280056 - When dropping a javascript link to a tab, the script runs in the security context of the site currently displayed in the tab.

    * 280603 - "New Updates Avail" popup in bottom right-hand corner pops up endlessly / excessive hits on update service.

    * 280664 - Using Flash and the -moz-opacity filter you can get access to about:config and make the user silently change values.

    * 282270 - Display IDN URLs as punycode by default (controlled by a hidden pref).

More security holes fixed in Firefox 1.0.1 will be made public after Firefox 1.0.1 is released. The most serious holes will be listed on the known-vulnerabilities page.

Notable bug fixes

    * 229706 - Unattended install asks for installation folder.

    * 233625 - Uninstalling deleted non-Firefox folders (after installing to C:\Program Files\).

    * 98564 - Caret overlaps the last character in textfield (if positioned after the last char).

    * 271473 - Decouple services on update.mozilla.org.

    * 280603 - "New Updates Avail" popup in bottom right-hand corner pops up endlessly / excessive hits on update service.

    * 236596 - Form element cannot get focus when loaded by XML/XSLT page.

    * 262822 - FIPS can't be enabled.

    * 261934 - Regression: network.standard-url.encode.utf8 and network.enableIDN prefs are ignored.

    * 242845 - [Mac]Firefox disk image should use .dmg internal zlib-compression, not .dmg.gz.

    * 180309 - [Linux] Crash while loading page with MS .fon font.

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setup updated to 1.0.1,

(+) Feature Added

(-) Feature Removed

(*) Feature Remaining

(†) Note

Features List:

* Silent by default! No switches needed!

+ Optionally invisible †1

* English language

* Removed QFA Component †2

+ ADT (Advanced Developer Tools) Component is now always installed

* Icon size boosted up to 128x128 †3

+ Prefetch tweak added to shortcuts. Optional shortcuts to default profile and profiles admin †4

* Removed certain searchplugins: Amazon, eBay and Creative

* Added certain searchplugins: MSFN, Filemirrors, Google (images), IMDB, Microsoft

- Removed certain searchplugins: Babelfish Translation (SP/EN, EN/SP)

* Added certain plugins: Adobe Acrobat 7, RealPlayer™ (Live Connect included), QuickTime, Shockwave Flash, Shockwave for Director

- Removed certain plugins: RealJukebox, Microsoft Office 2003, Java™ 2 Platform

* Preferences Tweak †5

* MSFN Forum Thread Bookmark

+ Custom Extensions, Themes, Defaults\Profile, Plugins, Searchplugins and Language Pack support! †6

* Powered by RarLabs :P †7

†1 CMDOW needs to be placed on System32 foler in order to hide the command prompt window. Open the setup file with WinRAR and remove "REM" from the third line of setup.cmd

†2 Removed QFA completely, including the XPI file that results on a smaller setup

†3 Icon rebuilt with more image formats

†4 Optional shortcuts are available once you remove "REM" from some lines at the bottom of Setup\setup.cmd (only for english and spanish systems)

†5 LocalFocus set to false and speedup improvements on navigation tweaks

†6 Open the setup file with WinRAR, place on Setup\XPI your extensions and on Setup\JAR your themes

Files present on Setup\DefaultsProfile will be copied to \defaults\profile on Mozilla's Firefox directory

Setup\Profile is where you can place your custom profile. Profiles.ini and Profiles\ folder goes there (originally they can be found on %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox)

Setup\Plugins and Setup\Searchplugins folders can also be used, just drop the necessary files there

Finally if you place the spanish langpack on Setup\XPI it will be automatically detected, that means you can take a look at the code (Setup\setup.cmd) and add your own language

†7 Setup no longer uses the mozilla's installer, silent switch implemented since 1.0.1

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When i install this, i get the cmd asking wether something is a file or terget directory?

please tell me what the cmd window says exactly (the path). btw i've tested it a lot of times to be sure it will work and never had any problem.

problem came during uA setup?

thanks durex and DigeratiPrime, hope you enjoy it :)

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I added adblock to XPI dir but it didnt instaled also when it is installing extension theme import dialog showed up :(

i'm aware of adblock (use the build by nologic here. about the shown dialog, it happens to me when 2 instances of firefox are running at the same time. a few advices: check the integrity of the .jar files to see if they're not damaged/corrupted, check that there are no spaces on the names, and finally check if this happens during unattended.
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That's odd, I had the same window popup. Just rebuilt the sfx and

unremed cmdow and it installed.......just having trouble with getting the

correct info in the folders but I'll get it........thanks SS


By the way I left all text in sfx as SS had it.........??

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