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  1. It already does, I made a build with it yesterday and Zero problems.
  2. Hmm I only get the pop up after reboot, all I can think of is getting the autoIT script to keep running untill it finds the updater window, and to select no. You can relaunch the updater from setpoint itself later. Unless the update is actually part of a new installer on the logitech site? I would imagine, I could do other software too.
  3. Sorry, been very busy with work lately. However, http://rapidshare.de/files/36399586/Setpoint310.exe.html Update does launch after reboot, so if you use several RunonceEx in between reboots, make sure this goes in the last one.
  4. Yeah forgot to add that, that is already set as the same. It something to do with the open command within file types for folder and file folder.
  5. Hi all, I have a problem with Windows Explorer where every time I click a folder, it opens the contents in a new explorer window. Which you can imagine gets very messy. Not long ago I tried to go into File types in the tools section of explorer and I tried to change the icons for the HDD etc and it seems to have happened since then. So I think it has messed up the command when you click on a folder. I've got open as the command from the application explorer.exe but the box for open in same window is grayed out. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. Woops, thought I made a 3.10 version, I will make on Saturday during the day, im away from home for two days.
  7. Sorry, forgot about link, doh. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=82901
  8. Also disable Automatic restart so that the PC is forced to blue screen, may give you and us some more information to work on. Also load fail safe defaults in the bios, or it is sometimes refered to as Optimsed Defaults.
  9. I've created a silent and switchless installer. It's in English though
  10. but technically a console is a pc... nope, it really isn't It may use a power supply, a GPU, a main board, memory and now hard disks but things like the processors are very different when it comes to architecture. You can't fire up a MySQL, PHP web server on a console and design a website or make a unattended windows disk. The Xbox360 is a good console full stop, it wasn't designed for people to compare it to a PC unlike whats happening in this thread.
  11. Hi all, I have searched and came up with this answer to install Opera and been given a few install switches, and have tried three different ones, all end up with Opera installing fine, but I get an error saying Opera failed to initialise every time I try to open it. 1. Opera_9.01_Eng_Setup.exe /s /V"/passive CREATE_DESKTOP_ICON=0 CREATE_QUICKLAUNCH_ICON=1 CREATE_STARTMENU_ICONS=1 MULTI_USER_SETTING=0" 2. Space after /v" Opera_9.01_Eng_Setup.exe /s /V" /passive CREATE_DESKTOP_ICON=0 CREATE_QUICKLAUNCH_ICON=1 CREATE_STARTMENU_ICONS=1 MULTI_USER_SETTING=0" 3. With installer language switch, despite installer being an English one: Opera_9.01_Eng_Setup.exe /s /V"/passive CREATE_DESKTOP_ICON=0 CREATE_QUICKLAUNCH_ICON=1 CREATE_STARTMENU_ICONS=1 MULTI_USER_SETTING=0 INSTALLER_LANGUAGE=en" Anyone have a confirmed way of making it install for a single user, not multiple? Icons not much of a problem can always delete the shortcuts after.
  12. People are missing the point here, Consoles are not PC's, PC's are not consoles. The console is now (since last generation anyways) an entertainment system for family. Now, I have an Xbox360 on live and on a Sony Bravia HDTV and with friends on games such as PGR3, DOA and COD2 - it's a barrel of laughs. My PC is very good, but you can't cram two people behind my desk to get a good screen view let alone four like the Xbox360. They cater for different markets. You don't have to install or manually patch games, meaning it's a get up and play machine who the stupid of stupid can setup and use. Unlike a PC. Condemned on the PC looked amazing, you can tell it was made by monolith and the graphics were just as good as my PC. Baring in mind my ATi card can do High Quality anisotropic filtering which means it can be applied to sloped surfaces. Alot of Xbox360 titles are not 4*AA compatible as it was arranged after the development of said games. The XBOX and other consoles are not a PC replacement, and never will be.
  13. Hi everyone, Well I know if you use the BTS Driver packs, it installs the control panel, however last time I used BTS driver packs, my PC blue screened after reboot which I believe is down to the SATA Raid drivers - it yielded the same kind of symptoms. So I've stuck to doing things with nlite as it has always worked, even though I love having the idea of driver packs as I upgrade hardware and get new machines quite reguarly. So I have integrated the X-Fi drivers via nlite, i take it the CP gets installed after on its own? Or I have to find the installer in the drivers and get the switches for it?
  14. I have created a switchless and silent installer for Logitech Setpoint. I found that not creating a .log file via the install shield would make the install fail. So, this creates a .log file on the system drive (C:/) or what ever your system drive is. So will need deleting after during your cleanup process / manually deleting. http://rapidshare.de/files/33573152/Setpoi...Silent.exe.html
  15. Thanks very much, they work great Knew either you or Nologic would come to my rescue sooner or later. I'm doing this so that I just add the compiled script to cmdlines.txt and then throw any batch files into said directory and I won't have to update anything.
  16. Hi, im trying to make a global command file launcher using AutoIT, I want it to just search for files and then pass them into the run command which hides the command files from launching. I've got it working on a test setup, kinda. It the command files have not got a space in their name then they will get executed and run, but if they have they won't. I'm sure it is just to do with the run command and the placing of quotes so that the run command ends up having speech marks enclosing the command. $search = FileFindFirstFile("*.cmd") While 1 $file = FileFindNextFile($search) If @error Then ExitLoop Run("cmd.exe /c '" & $file & "'", "", @SW_HIDE) WEnd ; Close the search handle FileClose($search) Any help will be appreciated!
  17. a 3800 should be running faster than 1.9Ghz. A 3800 venice is 200*12 = 2.4Ghz respective. The speed difference has nothing to do with 64bit extensions, the extra registers etc will not even be in use if your running a 32bit operating system on the machine. The difference is the architecture of the chip, the A64 chips with their on-die memory controller gives a massive boost. PCI-E offers no advantages speed wise to AGP when talking about graphics cards because the AGP bus has not yet been saturated. PCI-E for me comes into play when you need a high bandwidth bus for high bandwidth components, such as a high speed raid array/ SCSI setup to work at its best which PCI will choke.
  18. I find that both my SLI-DR's undervolted, and so do others by the same percentage. using special vid percentages seems to give more accurate voltages. 1.45 * 110% gives 1.536v for me. Also burn-ins helping overclocking = myth. The only way you can get a chip more stable at the same voltage is to decrease its resistance, something I can't see coming from a "burn in". You can of course use phase as a cold chip = less resistance
  19. Personally I can't stand 1 meg PI runs, systems with instability can run SuperPI 1Meg with ease. I'll run my 32mb SuperPI when I get my G.Skill installed
  20. Using a XP120 with an Akasa amber, Processor idle: 28 degrees load: 45 with prime, S&M and PI running. Chipset: 44 degrees, load goes up to about 50/55 Cant read drives as they are in a array, unless I were to use an actual thermonitor. Also since that picture, also have a Zalman VF700-cu installed - fantastic product and very efficient. Old GPU temp was 53 degrees idle, and it dropped to 36. Load never goes over 65 with a warm ambient temp due to central heating being on. Lian-Li PC7SE, two 120mm fans, front intake and rear exhaust.
  21. 9120 X1800XL 630/630 Venice 300*9
  22. Yeah, I'm running at a mediocre 238x11 (2618) right now. My RAM sticks are really holding the CPU back, and I'm pretty sure of that because I've attempted suicide boot-ups before, and it'll make it into Windows but will crash after an hour or so. If the CPU was at its limit, it would have crash instantly. I'm planning on picking up some DDR500 2x1GB sticks and hope I can nail 2.8+ GHz on 24/7 operations. Unfortunately the X800XL is at its limit, so I'm going to say I get 5700-5800 3DMark05 scores. Still haven't decide on what I want, that's why I haven't upgrade yet. Why don't you just run a memory divider, I find they are a god send when you take into consideration the performance hit they gave on the old socket A systems and now that they dont give any. I attempted to run my OCZ kit at 300 1:1 and managed to nearly nail it to just getting 46 errors in test 6 of memtest86+, so decided to use the 5:6 and keep memory timings relatively tight, and I could probably get even more tighter than what I have now.
  23. I would go with the San Deigo, its kind of a myth now about cores with a larger cache tending to overclock less, maybe with the 754 clawhammers and newcastle cores but with the Venice and San Diegos they tend to both overclock nicely. Most the San Deigos Ive seen in peoples sigs on many a forum are hitting at least 2.7 on air, and they have the extra cache which you cant make up for on the venice. I was going to get a San Diego but this venice came along at a very cheap price, so I snapped it up.
  24. Impressive! So did you managed to get that X1800XL past XT speeds? Any plans for aftermarket cooling solutions for it? Well, that bench was 630 core, which is 5mhz more than the XT. Now, for the confusing bit - my XL isn't at XT speeds and it would be impossible to get it to them when it is clocked right. The @XT bit in my sig was when the memory was running at 750 (which is XT speeds) but back then the only overclocking software for the X1800 was an overclocking tool from Driver heaven which did not clock the cards right. There are two reasons that I have read for this: 1. First reason is that the overclock tool slackened the memory timings as you raised the clocks. 2. Apparently it isn't to do with the above, but the tool only overclocked 2d speeds or something (although I think that only applied to the XT) and I can't see how that would raise the 3d mark score that it did. Then W1zzard released ATi Tool with support for the X1800, which clocks the XL fine. With the XL's memory running at 630 in ATi Tool - it scores more than the overclock tool did with the memory "reportedly" at 750. That bench was ran 630/630. As for the stock cooler (its a HIS card) it was very poor. It was noisy and idled 53 degrees which I thought was quite hot for a core from a 90nm Low-K process. I couldn't see why though, the cooler uses very fine copper fins and it looks good quality, as in something that looks to have been made by thermalright. My last card, a 6800GT I installed a Zalman VF-700cu on and its one heck of an impressive cooler. Its efficiency is gob smacking and GPU contact very good. So I bought another for the XL and the temps have shot down. I now idle about 46 at normal room temp, but the other day when my radiator in my room was turned off and the ambient temp was very cold - the card was idling 36 degrees . Running 3D mark, the load temps never went over 56 degrees and that was running RivaTuners hardware monitor in the background, and then selecting "highlight high peak" which showed the maximum temperature. Nice score, the X800XL was a good card for the price. Good price/performance ratio and as such I got my brother to buy one for his rig. Is your San Deigo overclocked? Looking at your CPU score I would imagine it is.
  25. Well broke 9k tonight http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=1536292 Comon peeps! We need scores

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