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  1. Hey Bashrat Long time since i posted (been very busy ) As always great job I did however find a (critical) error for method 2 The file Presetup.cmd in not being copied. This is because the file is missing from the base pack. Normaly it should be in the Methods_V5010 7zip file under M2, but for some reason it is missing
  2. I believe we can if we do it this way
  3. The trick to beat the WHQL signing is to put this line in your winnt.sif: [Unattended] DriverSigningPolicy= "Ignore" Although this does work for most drivers, it doesn't seem to work for videocard driver (well, not for me, i still had to accept it) Also WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe doesn't seem to work. I am also very earer to learn how to solve this (so I can use forceware version 77.76 instead of the crapy 77.72) Who can help us?
  4. I heard of this problem before. I don't have this problem. Maybe this is because I have the following line in my winnt.sif: [Unattended] DriverSigningPolicy= "Ignore" I don't know for sure if it works, but it is worth to try. EDIT: WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe should stop this problem, but for some reason it doesn't. I recommend trying the above.
  5. @Bashrat Couldn't this (however modified) replace the current KtD method in DP Base: For method 2 this would mean: @presetup.cmd stage extract the DP's @DetachedProgram stage run the autoit script This would have the following advantages: - no limitations to the OemPnPDriversPath problem - no double work, this way we don't have to use SetDevicePath and SetupCopyOEMInf which safes (a little) time I believe that this would be quite an improvement (hp38guser mentioned this before though )
  6. @Yzöwl You have a point here, this is my misstake. I will explain it My unattended structure at home is so that I am able to install from a CD, from a second harddisk and from a network share. To not complicate things, to keep everything simpel, I work with only one variable. This variable is %CDROM%. In my test the file called cd.txt was on my second harddrive ( D:\ ) therfore this harddrive is seen as %CDROM% and the batch file will tell you Your CD-rom drive is: D: I understand your confusion completely an when I get back from vacation (ah finally ) I will change it, because like you stated, it is not possible to write or delete to the optical drive.
  7. sorry for the late answer, I didn't pay attention to the topic I do not completely understand what you mean: I believe that you think that I use this for a CD based installed, correct? If you mean that, it will not work. I install my computer from a second harddrive. On that drive, I can write and delete as much as I like. You are correct when you say that this won't work with a CD install. However... If you change the batch file like this: ECHO AutoPartition=1 >>%CDROM%WINNT.SIF to ECHO AutoPartition=1 >>A:\WINNT.SIF the winnt.sif will be written to a Floppy disk. Then you could modify the batch file to let winnt32.exe find the answer file there I hope this helps
  8. Hey Bashrat, the Linksys WMP54G (v4) drivers are outdated. Version Date your pack: 03/27/2004 Newest version: 07-29-2004 (released 3/15/2005) You can download it here
  9. Problem 2 is solved. I needed to upgrade my homenetwork to 54Mbit anyway, so I bought a new WLAN card which has WHQL driver Problem 1 still exists. I tried to connect to the share with WEP-key disabled and it worked just great. When it is enabled it doesn't work at all. Is there anyone who knows a network bootdisk that can handle a WEP-key?
  10. @Bashrat: They finally upgraded the driver to WHQL status you can download it here
  11. Hey guys The last few days I became very interested in doing a network install for my two computers at home. I modified my unattended so that it should work just great. I now however have two big problems. I will first explain what I want to do: I want to use a BART PE cd (with network plug-in) or another network bootdisk to boot the first computer. Then it should connect with a share on the other computer. This shouldn't be too difficult for a wired network. The problem is that I have a wireless network. Problem 1: To protect my wireless network I use WEP protection. In order for the data to pass my accespoint I need to use a WEP-key. In the network bootdisks I mentioned earlier on, there was no option to use a WEP-key. This means that it is not possible to have a wireless connection with WEP protection enabled. Possible solution: temporarily disable WEP protection (but I would rather not do that) Question: Is there a network bootdisk that gives you the ability to set a WEP-key? Problem 2: One of the WLAN cards in my network (the card with the computer that I want to install on) has driver that are Not WHQL. This brings up the problem that this network adapter can't be found by the BARTPE (with network plug-in) disk. Possible solution: 1. Change wireless card so that the computer that needs to be installed has WHQL drivers. 2. Buy a new wireless card just to get WHQL drivers Question: Is there a network bootdisk that can work with NON-WHQL drivers?
  12. Forget the thing I said, see the screenshot EDIT It works, I just tested it on a machine with WU5, and it installed WU6 just fine
  13. Very nice, thanks a lot I have a (maybe) off-topic question: Why are all the files on your server .7 files When I go to your server, the are shown as .7z, but when I download them the become .7 files on my computer (I've seen other people with this problem aswell). The funny thing is that winrar can open the .7 files Maybe Samsung drivers could be available in the next version? Here is already the first samsung driver: SyncMaster 710T Keep up the good job!! EDIT: Also I noticed that not all drivers are WHQL, is this correct? samsung710T.7z
  14. I believe Xstation20 isn't refering to Bashrat's pack. I believe that the question is: Where on the CD do I have to put my driver files? If you want to install your drivers (the easy way) you install them from your winnt.sif with the OemPnPDriversPath command. In order for the OemPnPDriversPath command to work, your drivers have to be on your %systemdrive% For this to work, create the following strucure: $OEM$\$1\Drivers Now create a folder in the Drivers folder, and name it ATI Copy all driver files in the ATI folder Now in your winnt.sif: [Unattended] OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\ATI;Drivers\NVIDIA;Drivers\etc" For further reference, check here Good luck EDIT: ofcourse you can also use Bashrat's Driverpacks. In that case follow the guide here above that Gouki wrote
  15. I believe he wants 3) have a CD with only the drivers so that he can update the drivers on any PC he wants (with the help of either SetupCopyOEMInf.exe, SetDevicePath.exe or PathChanger.exe) The question then is, what happens to all the INFCACHE.1 files because they can't be written to the CD?
  16. Just tested it, and it doesn't seem to be WHQL indeed. My mistake EDIT: Then again; at the Nvidia site I found this:
  17. New Forceware released: 77.72 WHQL Finally a official from Nvidia Check it out here
  18. Hey Bashrat I tested your script, but it doesn't work Did your exams went well?
  19. Thanks for this info, I now have a second comp. in my wireless network. And I plan to install it unattended. Very usefull, thanks
  20. I don't know about a switch, I don't use Setpoint drivers or application. All I know is that there is an Autoit script available. It is posted by Volkonov4 in your other topic. I know that it isn't what you would like, but it should be working so why not EDIT: maybe this topic can help your out
  21. Maybe if you download and install the full version (or redist version) of DC 9.0c it will work. You can download it here EDIT: And if you use XP, upgrade to SP2, it has directX 9.0c insite
  22. @dziubek Thanks, KB884883 is already at V8, when I downloaded the new version, the filesize went up from +- 1MB to +- 4MB The problem is that when a KB nr. is upgraded to a new version (like for KB884883), it isn't shown on windows updates (well execept for KB893066 and Windows installer) . So if you intergade them, or install the updates with a batch file you are still working with an older version. This is why I redownloaded all hotfixes again. Below you can find an attachment with the results. hotfixes with an "!!!" behind it have been upgraded to a higher version nr. Note that this list is for a dutch version of XP @Nilfred & dziubek Indeed KB884020 isn't needed anymore, I did a fresh install yesterday without KB884020 and there where no new windows updates hotfix.zip
  23. I report back with some testing results. I tested with method 2, and I choose to use KTD and GuiRunOnce. I use all latest DP's except DP massstorage. It all worked great, my install went just fine, I had no errors what so ever Just the tiny thing I mention a few post pack (post nr. 28), but they are not very important. Good job

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