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  1. Service tweaks debunked

    The title should be "Service Tweaks Debunked for Gamers" as that was what he tested.
  2. ryans update pack

    Hmmm, what happened with Genuine Notification? It is gone from MU, but what is the scoop??
  3. Try: <a name="1"></a> <a name="2"></a>
  4. WGA Soon to be Shutting down your PC.

    Check the date and time setting, WGA is sensitive about those!
  5. ASUS A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 no temprature readings?

    Uhhh - Asus Probe: Download
  6. Network places

    That is a matter of applying the right tweaks: Network Places - disable recent shares
  7. what was i thinking?

    Read this thread: USB Drivers
  8. [solved]Windows update failed.

    The hotfix that you were failing on just tries to run the uninstaller for KB912475. That file is the uninstaller for KB912475. Lots of hotfix cleanup programs remove the uninstallers -- normally not a problem --- but leave it to Microsoft to create a problem anyway.
  9. [solved]Windows update failed.

    Download the "$NtUninstallKB912475$.zip" below and extract the folder to C:\Windows http://www.digitalforrest.com/images/kille...12475$.zip Now download the KB913670 update and it will install correctly this time.
  10. Smart UI 32-bits Gateway Error

    Uh, ---- use the search function ------ SmartUI Fix
  11. synchronize administrator registry permissions

    Dial-a-fix light is special made for XPpro to sychronize the permissions. I have tried this tool and it works great for the administrator accounts. Small problem: some user accounts are dissapeared. Does someone know how to prefent or to repair this. Must I give all accounts in the first place administrator privilages, use DAF and change them back? I think you would have had to say "thanks" to get any further answers from me. Bye!
  12. synchronize administrator registry permissions

    You might try Dial-a-fix full, it's supposed to fix permissions. It just contains Microsoft patches and suggested fixes. You get some ability to pick and choose your fixes.
  13. And that is exactly the symptom when ----------- OEMpreinstall=yes -------- which is explained in the link.
  14. For the love of God, learn how to search! F6 Drivers don't load