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nLite - Windows reduction tool


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@ nuhi

here is something for ya

"the unattended forum"

in 10 days nLite is 3rd in most replies (169 pages)

soon to be #1

in 10 days nLite is 11th in views (169 pages)

#7 in a short amout of time

just shows what impact this tool has

thanks nuhi


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It appears that the setup is always taking the exact time to copy files, even if they aren't in there!

I say this because if i don't use nLite and create the same customized windows xp iso (without the components removed), the file copying is constant and there is always disk activity.

Anyone else can test this?


Not here bud,

I use VirtualPC too and this problem do not happen.

Maybe you can see that's slow if the window of the VPC machine isn't activated (I mean focus on it).

This is a strange phenomenon that I've noticed, maybe the system lower the priority of the task when it's not active or it's just a bug... Anyway just take the window of VirtualPC active and see if happen the same thing.


Goodmorning :rolleyes: Well, let's see if this new build have something of interesting inside :)

Kind Regards

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@Jazz, why don't you just remove modem drivers, i never experienced such a problem and to be honest i don't see how is that possible...but it's ok, keep me updated

@bonedaddy, ooo yeah, great...i just hope that guys at litepc won't hate me :)

@Milgathia, hehe, actually there will be some new stuff in beta9 later tonight.

edit: it seems that sp2 rc1 build 2135 beta is leaked

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If you do find that copying the files during text setup is slower or hangs on some files, it might be the way that the cabinet files are compressed when you rebuild them. This problem has been noted before on this site and solved by GreenMachine, I think. At least that is what the search function tells me, he will have to verify.

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@BeenThereB4, yes, he just sent me a message with that solution, it's just i didn't connect those two...can you beleive it

@kalavera & Jazz...my apologies, apparently you have found a bug :)

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when I am installing XP, during the initial blue screen setup I get the following files cannot be found, I can hit Esc to bypass them, and everything seems fine. I just don't know what the files are...









any ideas???

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Those are video and audio codecs who aren't there, the problem is that m$ forgot to delete them in the file listing. You don't need em and you can bypass them, or you can download them here if you really want them:


just throw those in the I386 folder on your install cd

(it's on my webspace so there should be no problem linking to it right?)

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On another note :), I don't seem to have the problem with copying the files in the text setup, I don't use the "make ISO" command from nLite, but the .cmd file provided by the unnatended tutorial from msfn. Maybe the problem resides there...

The files copy fast enough and there is no disk non-activity whatsoever.

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@stinkywea, try beta9, i added some kind of fix, even it's not my problem

@AztecMystic, it's driver.cab recompression issue, not iso.

beta9 uploaded

- updated inf parser, some extra driver files found

- added component: Music Sample

- added component: Drivers - SCSI (thanx to jdeboeck for tips)

- separated component from IIS: Experimental - Message Queuing

- separated mouse cursors from images

- cleaned some removed services reg leftovers

- changed driver recompression routine little bit (thanx GreenMachine for the tip)

- fix for missing indeo files even this was not my fault (iac25_32.ax,ir41_32.ax...)

There is still no java option because i don't have sp1, only sp1a, going to get one in a day or two.

Let me know if slow exctraction problem is more or less solved and try scsi removal, it speeds things up in text mode startup

edit: redownload...mouse cursors added...corrected (it would remove modem drivers) if you were faster then this edit :)

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Im unsure, but I think on the board there was a way to incorporate the last JM from MS and the update and install that, so even if you had SP1a, you could still use the MS JVM...its what I do and I dont seem to have problems, the only downfall is that no new updates are being released, so if there is a problem with it, it will never be fixed unless someone takes the project on...Im pretty sure that this was done. Here it is... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=10097&hl=MSJVM

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@evilvoice, great link

It's just i want to be sure it will work for default sp1, slipstreamed.

I'm using ms java vm on sp2, made one click install folowing similiar instructions.

Problem is i need infs to clean.

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wouldnt the infs be the same? I havent known MS to really change something like infs no matter where its installin at...the only problem is that the inf you would need to look at isnt the one from the update but from the base package. Dont quote me on it, but it doesnt seem like MS would change the inf. Although if you get SP1, you could compare the files...

About to test beta9 glad to see some changes :)

After some testing...for some reason the descriptions run off on the side...

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