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  1. Hello, I have searched all the forum and inside the program, but i can't figure out how to disable Driver Signature Check in nLite. Please anyone can pont me on how to? Thx alot!
  2. No guys, no ethernet drivers removal neither the firewall, all untouched. If can help I can post here the ini file. Thank you alot for your time and attention.
  3. What a genius... Anyway it's about one entire day thet i'm trying to find the cause of missing lan-browsing capability, but without any success. Anyone ideas? Thx
  4. Hello, excuse me if this question have been posted before, but I didn't found anything on the forum about this: I am unable to browse my network after using an nlited xp pro and also i get a strage error when i run an application (Net Repair): comctl32.dll missing or unregistered. Isn't this dll included in the OS (the one responsible of the interfaces and so on)? Anyone can give me some hints please? Thx for your time. Regards
  5. Thank you about your reply, but what I am after it's another thing, ie integrating the updates inside the local installation (to deploy it over a network). Now when i slipstream the updates inside the folder it seems that everything work fine, until you run the setup. At that point you get the error and it's really strange because the msp allow you to integrate the updates inside the main administrative install-point. Any idea?
  6. Did you tried to install it? After slipstreamed the patches on the adminpoint and i try to install the application i get this error: Internal Error 2602. File, Update_2.kfp
  7. Well, check if the computer browser service is enabled on both and check if on the connection properties are enabled just the tcp/ip protocols. If yes, you have to enable also the other two (not the qos one, that is ininfluent) which i don't know how are named in the english edition pf the oses. Kind Regards
  8. Hello, I'm trying to see if it's possible to slipstream SP1 inside SBS2003. When I integrate the w2k3sp1 inside the first cd, something is missing (wizards and company) and I wonder if it possible to integrate everything inside the setup, even if it will convert the suite form cds to DVD. Anyone succeded? Thanks in advance
  9. Is it possible to integrate a language pack inside the installer? I am not able to see the framework starting in italian and that's quite strange because i'm sure I've downloaded the italian versions of the installers and patches. Kind Regards
  10. Yeah, I would like to know how to do too, to create an italian version of the package (when it will become available). Kind Regards
  11. @nuhi mh, completely removing ie so really can create problems seems... under all the aspects... So what about to make an option to partially remove ie and completely eradicate it? Afterall the actual uninstallation allow to install office2003 and everything works, even windows update (copying the iexplorer.exe and launching it from ie menu). Another thing I really would like to see is the directx component for uninstallation. Kind Regards
  12. @nuhi even uninstalling ie the browser is still here, you just need iexplorer.exe and it will work... weird and strange... Kind Regards
  13. About the IE reinstallation problem: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=19196&st=250# As for its lack of funcionality, well, what about to use a wonderfull frontend like avantbrowser? http://www.avantbrowser.com I use opera, but sometimes i have to use IE too, so in those moments, I love to use something more "modern" and here avantbrowser comes! ;D Kind Regards
  14. I advice you to remove IE and reinstall it with a normal installation after having installed the os without it. Belive me, it's a completely different browser!!! Much much much more faster than the integrated one and I dunno why ;D Kind Regards P.S.: @nuhi The new 9.2 version gaved me no problems, I've tryied to reproduce the same errors reported by ZuluDC, but with no success. Everything is here when it's not selected.
  15. @nuhi Just an idea: Since there alre alot of ppl that want a bigger file compression on cabs what about to make the old compression sistem as an option? Kind Regards

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