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  1. OK after several hours of searching the web I have found out a little more information, but no answers. Apparently a lot of the problem, if not all of it has to do with my wireless card and it's chipset (Intel 2200BG). Dozens of ppl using vista with this card are experiencing similar problems, some none at all. Anyone else using this particular chipset, apparently it's really, really popular with OEMs, HP, Levono, Toshiba... anyone have any success?? I cannot get the protected vista drivers to delete so I'm having no luck really getting the driver updated. It sees the new driver, but wants to keep the original, I've tried the DOS command to allow for unsigned drivers too.
  2. I have went to intel's site and downloaded the newest drivers, it worked once, then reboot and back to nada...
  3. sheesh, there no way that these things can be disabled in vista (security prompts). Thanks for the answer too!!!
  4. that's just the craziest thing. I did a search under vista drivers and came up with what I was hoping was some help, but it doesn't do anything for mine. I really don't want to re-install XP with all the hours I took to get everything else that wasn't compatible patched and working (GPS stuff mainly).
  5. OK, trying to do a simple 'ipconfig/release' and I get the following: "The requested operation requires elevation." I think I'm setup as an admin, but with all this crazy user access stuff I don't really know. And I'm also getting the following from the prompt too: 'bcedit/set nointegritychecks ON' and with this I get this one "The boot configuration data could not be opened. Access is denied." I know it's probably simple, so any help??
  6. i don't guess anyone else has had this issue... been a while since any replies
  7. I'm using the drivers that shipped with vista... I haven't thought too much about it since it was working great for a few days for several hours at a time on my network and others.
  8. Update: I was using WPA encryption so I thought by some odd chance that could be an issue. Well I switched from WPA, to WEP, and also disabled it. No change at all... I'm totally clueless
  9. OK, this is weird... I have a HP TC1100 tablet w/centrino. I did a clean install of Vista Business and everything was working great for 3 days. Well yesterday my wireless is dead. I checked the bios, fine; checked device manager, fine. Network settings shows my wireless connection in the list of saved wireless items, and shows the signal, but it isn't working. It also will not detect any wireless networks around me, before it died I could get on 4. My wired connection is working fine. Any ideas? Services I need to check? I had disabled UAC, but I've re-enabled it since then. Also... don't know whether this is related or not, but none of my settings in firefox are being saved (show tab bar, clear history, home page...). Totally weird...
  10. just making sure...I am using all the driver packs, if I didn't use all of them I assume the process would be shorter?
  11. I just recently did a new unattended CD, everything is stock except that I added the driver packs. Everything seems to be working, but when the installation first starts the gui part, after coping all the files to the hd and restarts, there is a blank blue screen with the mouse for about 5 minutes, then all the the text shows up (collecting info, preparing installation...) I was just wondering if it should be this way. Thanks!!
  12. that would be a possibility, but would I have to have each computer name listed on there? If so that would be like 115 of them.
  13. To people who already used NirComline, this Nircmd is the new version with MUCH more features. jaclaz will that work in a network environment with UNCs?
  14. what are regedit4 reg files? I was more of a hardware guy that got threw into this...that's why some of it doesn't make too much sense to me. Could you use the code statement that I have posted above to show me the correct syntax. Thanks!!
  15. if it matters the users are local administrators on their boxes. I just know you can import values silently, such as with the unattended install of xp methods, I just need a silent removal...

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