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ArcticFoxie/NotHereToPlayGames -- 360Chrome v13.5.2044 rebuild 2

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I use sometimes UltraVNC, and this one gives lot of informations in event viewer.

So I have discovered lot of connections attemps to UltraVNC from China , all comming from Zengshou. (My UltraVNC is pass protected lol)

Extract, one of them: "The following information is part of the event: 2/11/2023 19:03   Invalid attempt from client"

Trace-routing "browser.360.cn" aka gives same town.

Using visual traceroute (gsuite.tools) , you can verify. Some parts not cleaned ?

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On 11/2/2023 at 10:11 AM, NotHereToPlayGames said:

You may have had a "disappearing fonts" issue.

This has been reported on v13.0 builds and in some v13.5 builds though much rarer with v13.5.

I've never actually witnessed it in v13.5 but v13.0 builds would do this quite freqently for me (but only when Stylus was editing a userstyle).

If it happens again, hover your mouse over where one of the result lines are supposed to be displayed, sometimes a mouse hover "un-disappears" the font.

Or do a "Ctrl-A" to highlight the ENTIRE page and see if there is "evidence" of the disappeared font.

Got it back, exactly what you described : first results with mouse hover, texts appears just after my capture


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I would say that you are much better off with build 1030 over 2044.

With each and every new "upstream" build, all that was really added was just more and more telemetry to track down and remove.

1030 uses the v86 engine.  2044 uses the v86 engine.  You don't really gain anything but "risk" by using 2044 over 1030.

2036 was tested by a larger audience so higher probability of finding unwanted connections so it should be trusted above 2044.

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Ok, I will done a try with version 1030 over the weekend, same condiditions.


Dropbox links are down at page 1 for 1030, back to version 2036, was installed here.

Re Edit.

Same paquets comming from external, confirmed with wireshark. Nothing to do with Web Browser, but origin (first paquet of sequence in Wireshark) is supeciously comming from China, Why?

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On 10/28/2023 at 2:31 PM, seven4ever said:

I've found a other (little) translation missing.

Go to mega, as example : Mega folder

Via download, choose download as zip , then look at title bar when progressing, just before "%" there is a square


Share my folder without telling me first:realmad:

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I'm technically completed with 1030-9 as far as the way that I use it.  But I'd have to "restore" a few things for the uploaded version.

One is the "links" within Extension manager that I hide for less "clutter" on my local copy.

I also remove Default Browser from my local copy.

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On 10/31/2023 at 7:19 AM, UCyborg said:

This is the big reason why I thought for quite some time in my mind that there are better browsers out there, incomprehensible errors are off-putting to the end user and so are empty error pages with only a numeric code in URL bar.

I prefer the numeric code route mainly because the web page route generally only "explains" 10 or so error codes out of hundreds (I didn't actually count them, lol).

And in the case of 360Chrome's "default" error code "web page", it connects to Chinese URLs to pull those "explanations".

I use the built-in list of error codes, all Chromium-based browsers should have this list  --  chrome://network-errors/

There are 10 proxy errors in that list alone, NONE of which are "explained" by 360Chrome's web page (at least not if you block the Chinese URLs that the "explanation" page reaches out to).

chrome://network-errors/ isn't a list of clickable links, even though it appears as though they are (they're not clickable in Official Ungoogled Chromium either).

But the name of the error associated with the numeric code is technically all I've ever needed - and again, NONE of the proxy errors that I often encounter are "explained" by the 360Chrome web page.

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Nice, that URL would have been good to know back then. Shorts should still be in English in 360Chrome, right, eg. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL?

Before I forget, I got the extension for decoding JPEG XL images working some time ago. Accept HTTP header may not be sent as intended if there are other extensions that mess with Accept HTTP header because old Chrome versions don't allow appending to that header, can only replace it. Appending is supported since some version after 100 and before 109, I don't recall the exact version, there's an issue on their bugtracker about the subject, again, can't find it ATM. May not be that much of an issue in practice since it seems JPEG XL support is preferred to be checked through JavaScript. Also, the decoding library is implemented using WebAssembly, so you don't want it disabled for it to work at all.

BTW, I was messing with Proxomitron a bit and got translation feature working in Edge 94 by just changing headers advertising browser version[*]. It's also blocked in Edge 94, server edge.microsoft.com just returns error 400 (bad request). Maybe the same approach would work for old Chrome 86 on whatever server it connects to to translate web pages.

I wouldn't recommend using Proxomitron in general because things on some sites break just because the browser communicates through proxy, even when no changes are being made. Maybe it would be possible to put together a web extension to do the job. Could it be enough just having base manifest.json with basic extension metadata and info for targeting right URLs coupled with rules.json to do the replacements in HTTP headers?

Or perhaps looking into ModHeader extension, which is specifically for dealing with HTTP headers. I suspect digging out an older compatible version will be required.

Edit: [*]For Edge, it's enough to just change User-Agent header sent when GETting edge.microsoft.com/translate/auth, though there are also two other headers advertising browser version.

Edit 2: Right, Edge uses different translation service. It's not so simple with Google Translate.

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I still port everything through Proxomitron.

My invalid cert errors a while back were related to forgetting to update my Proxo cert.

Proxomitron sees everything FIRST, then a proxy-select extension that can select domains to go through Proxo, to not go through Proxo, or to block entirely, only after all of that does uMatrix kick in.




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You know more tricks than I do. It's weird, how come Google Drive is broken (loads, but can't open files/folders, context menus etc.) if I have all filters' checkboxes off, but works with BYPASS FILTERS button on.

Though I'm just a simple user and can't imagine myself ever being able to make extended use of Proxomitron.

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