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Why do none of the posts work? [Error]


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...First saw this breakage in the My Browser Builds (Part 3) subforum, then discovered all posts on any forum are inaccessible via browser... :(

It's ca. 15:00 UTC here and the issue persists :}... I believe the admins should be already aware of this ;) ; hoping for a timely resolution...


FWIW, post previews seem to still work; and the last e-mail notification I successfully received was ca. 5hr ago (10:00 UTC).

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3 hours ago, XPerceniol said:

Nope ... even on 360v11 and 13 as well as DC Browser, now everything seems great ;)

Weird , I didn't notice anything bad , even though I posted quite a lot recently.

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  • xper changed the title to Why do none of the posts work? [Error]

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