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  1. bought an MSI GE-76 raider (11UH-461) last fall about christmas. my first winblows11 machine. since then i (30 days ago) have rebuilt my tower pc. i7-11700K, MSI Z590unity MB, Noctua dual-fan chip cooler, RTX3050, 240g M.2ssd and the 1TB M.2 SSd (that came in my Raider) 32g ripjaw memory...Winblows11 ( paid $20 for retail pro version) I just am not going to fight it anymore. I started out on the insider WAY back when windows 10 was being released and stopped a few years ago and set everyhing back to Win7. new s*** just isn,t meant to run the "good old" stuff anymore. winblows11 isn,t that bad when you ignore all its bad areas....lol
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