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Microsoft Windows Update v3/v4/v5

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49 minutes ago, legacyfan said:

I found this collection of old updates that might be usefully if they could integrated into the site somehow https://archive.org/details/W95SRVPK_EXE it has all updates from 95 to 2000 in it (including hard to find ones) it's only in english 

English is fine for testing, but not everyone is english :/ Let's find updates in more languages.

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Just now, WULover said:

English is fine for testing, but not everyone is english :/ Let's find updates in more languages.

ok I'll keep looking (with english being my home countrys main language everything is pretty much all english everywhere)

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I am very excited that you guys got it working as I am trying to preserve a lot of localized updates myself. :-) However, I am stuck with a cursor showing an hourglass all the time when I am trying to search for updates. I have tried the same website in three different setups in VMware (Windows 95 OSR 2.5 US and DK - and Windows 98 SE DK). Am I missing some prerequisites or what? I have already installed IE 5.5 SP2 in Windows 95 and IE 6.0 SP1 in Windows 98.

Windows 95 EN-2023-05-10-23-45-37.png

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You do not miss anything, the server is missing files :)

Use a proxy like Fiddler Classic, set it up, change Internet Explorer settings to use it on port 8888 and give me the filenames (.inv, .bm, .as, .gng) and the folder name.

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I downloaded an old version of Fiddler through Wayback Machine and this was all I could figure out myself. I was not able to find the specific file types as requested though. :-)

Windows 98 SE DK-2023-05-14-19-29-53.png

Windows 98 SE DK-2023-05-14-19-30-06.png

Windows 98 SE DK-2023-05-14-19-30-16.png

Windows 98 SE DK-2023-05-14-19-31-55.png

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Windows Update v3.1 uses the following file formats, associated with what they are for:

- .CAB : This stands for the ActiveX controls (ACTSETUP.CAB, IDENT.CAB);

- .GNG : These are the language packs. They change the language of the updates names & descriptions;

- .AS : These files are the "redirections" to the right .inv and .bm files to detect updates and display them;

- .INV : These are the inventories. They store a list of available updates;

- .BM : These are also inventory files, they also store updates;

- .DES : These are (normally) the updates descriptions;

- .CIF : These files are requested when downloading updates. They contain the download links.


When using the Windows Update v3.1 website, you may encounter errors. This is mainly due to missing files on the server.

If you host your own copy of the Windows Update v3.1 website and you encounter an error, please indicate it into your question.

If you're using Windows Update Restored, also indicate it, we may fix the issue.


Help us save time

As the issue is mainly due to missing files, here's a small way of saving our time and yours and solve the issue quickly:

1) Install a proxy on your computer (for example, Fiddler Classic: https://www.telerik.com/fiddler/fiddler-classic)

2) Open Internet Explorer on the computer where you want Windows Update to work, and go to Tools > Internet Options. Click the Connections tab, then click on LAN Settings. Check "Use a proxy server", then click Advanded. DO NOT FILL THE FIELDS BEFORE CLICKING ON ADVANCED. In the Advanced dialog box, under HTTP, enter the IP address of the computer where your proxy is running, then the port (for that, enter 8888).

3) Click on OK, then OK. Now, go to the Advanced tab, scroll down, then click on "Enable HTTP1.1 through proxy connection."

4) Click OK to close the Internet Options.

5) In Fiddler, go to Tools > Fiddler Options. Click on the Connections tab, then check "Allow remote computers to connect". For the port, choose 8888.

6) There you go! You can now see what requests Windows Update sends, and what filenames are missing!


NOTE: If you do not know what's an IP address, or if you're not familiar with Internet Explorer, learn what's it and how to get it before asking "What's an IP address" or "Where is Internet Explorer".


Hope you'll find this helpful :D

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On 5/11/2023 at 9:09 AM, ByQuadCore said:

Everyone that needs Fiddler for NT4 this version works: https://web.archive.org/web/20040616233904/http://www.fiddlertool.com/dl/FiddlerSetup.exe

This version will not run on any 9x system. .NET 1.1 runtime needs to be installed on NT4.

Btw, this works on Windows NT4.0 and Windows 2000, but for 9x systems, only my method works, as 9x systems does not support any proxy sadly. 

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