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  1. He was talking about everyone on this topic, not especially you As I said, for Windows 95 & NT4.0, only use v3.1 as v4 and v5 are not compatible with those systems. I'm working on a fix for v3, so please be patient. There's no need for instructions, it works out of the box. We had a server issue, and it's being fixed don't worry That's fine, not everyone speak english
  2. Hello! Windows Update V4 does not support Windows 95. As for v3, I'm working on how to fix this issue, and I know how but I need the time to do this. As for Windows 98, it depends of your browser. Check the compatibility page on www.windowsupdaterestored.com for more.
  3. We have some news: Windows Update V4 now has many more updates for Windows 9x systems, Windows Update v3 has much more inventories than before and Windows Update v2 has been restored.
  4. I didn't even know this was a thing. We're gonna restore Windows Update for PCs first and we'll see for that later.
  5. http://www.windowsupdaterestored.com/en/prerequisites.htm These are the prerequisites
  6. Hello! Sorry, but we no longer provides the files for self-hosting. Use Windows Update Restored v5 instead.
  7. Hello! Just a quick question: are you the guy who uploaded videos of Windows Update v3.1 and v4 in 2019? HFL 929?
  8. You're welcome, we're doing our best at finding updates.
  9. Finding updates is not hard at all, but finding inventories or making them from scratch is very hard. And using Windows 9x or 2000 in 2023 with Windows Update Restored does not make your system secure at all.
  10. All languages are included in this project. But the inventories are hard to get in all the supported languages. As for V4 updates, they're firstly added in english to properly fix them, and then translated.
  11. IE5.5 doesn't work with v3 on Windows 98, but it works on IE6.
  12. Nope, WUR stays on those servers, and won't change of owner. If somebody wants to take them down, if it's for a good reason, then we'll do it.
  13. This error is from the Microsoft servers, not ours. We can't fix it.
  14. I'm not the owner but I participated in it. But Protoweb is not related to Windows Update Restored. I'm a simple contributor.
  15. Screenshot please, I don't know what you are talking about.
  16. Windows 11 does not work well with the V5 site, ans idk how to make it working on it.
  17. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1035182715537985577/1096868908000104568/v4final.7z Here are the latest v4 files. They won't recieve new updates.
  18. You already have the latest files. There are no newer ones... Thank you, I'll modifiy the text. It is, just not linked. Even unsigned controls? What did you exactly do when the prompt appeared?
  19. Go to the Internet Options and check all things related to ActiveX to "Enable"
  20. Can you please rewrite the text completely? I do not understand what I have to modifiy, I do not speak and read chinese xD

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