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360 Extreme Explorer Modified Version

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3 hours ago, ArcticFoxie said:

TODAY, my 2206 crashes with two YouTube tabs and Humming Owl's 2250 also crashes with two YouTube tabs.


Teach me how to crash my browser . I can open any amount and they still won't crash . Version 1106.

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3 hours ago, ArcticFoxie said:

Are two of those tabs YouTube tabs?

What do you mean "two" ? I understand you do not like dark themes , but take a closer look at the upper part , it's plenty of videos playing at the same time.

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3 hours ago, ArcticFoxie said:

Biden was on ALL tv stations earlier talking about Afghanistan.

They do not show us things like these here at the front pages . Why ? Perhaps because we also sent troops there and now it's all in vain . Dutch men dead and all for nothing ! 


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You have TOO MANY tabs open.  I cannot see the "favicon" that would show that several of those tabs are YouTube.


YouTube WAS sending us different code and YouTube is NOT sending that different code now.

YouTube is "in bed with" the current administration, I have no doubt that YouTube was force-feeding US YouTuber's to watch Biden's newscast

We were getting different code, all is back to normal now and I can open SEVERAL YouTube tabs once again.

I've never actually experienced the "claimed" issues that several other users seem to always be having, today was the FIRST time I've ever had crashes on YouTube.

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On 8/15/2021 at 5:58 AM, ArcticFoxie said:

No biggie.

It's not a "competition" and I don't really plan on releasing additional releases.

We really don't have enough users to warrant all of the time required on my end.

Today's experience with YouTube has me rethinking this.

It has been off-and-on ALL DAY on YouTube.

My modified versions (v13 builds 1006, 1032, 1054, 1106, 2206, 2216, 2220, and 2250) and Humming Owl release (v13 build 2250) - YouTube keeps crashing 360Chrome v13.

I have to wonder if YouTube is "experimenting" with new code ???

But it has been hit-or-miss.

Portions of the day would crash with only two YouTube tabs, portions of the day would crash with six or seven YouTube tabs, portions of the day would be stable and no crashes with 15 YouTube tabs (I didn't go any higher than 15).


But with all of these hit-or-miss problems throughout the day on v13 (1006, 1032, 1054, 1106, 2206, 2216, 2220, and 2250), I could never once get v11 or v12 of 360Chrome to crash.

I limited my testing today to v11 build 2031 and v12 build 1592.

At one point today, when v13 was crashing at only two YouTube tabs, I was able to load TWENTY YouTube tabs in v11 and v12.


All I can figure is that YouTube is "experimenting" with code.

I'll load a few videos over the next few days and monitor stability.

But I do like that v11 and v12 at least "survived" whatever in Hades was causing v13 to be so problematic today.

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3 hours ago, ArcticFoxie said:

But I do like that v11 and v12 at least "survived" ...

No ,  youtube just loads less scripts and bloat if it "sees" older user agents . Try to spoof your UA with something older , while using v.13.1106. And choose x86 UA strings. I know for sure youtube and other sites load less fat to 32-bit systems . 


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The YouTube crashes are XP ONLY - x86 and x64.

Does seem to be worse on x64 - but YouTube is crashing both.

No issues with 7 or 10.

Couldn't find my VPN VM, will revisit tomorrow.

The users in the past that have reported issues with YouTube have all (or mostly) been on XP x86.

Granted, most have also been SP2 versus SP3.

As mentioned above though, I do think YouTube is "experimenting" with code today.

It's been hit-or-miss for the better part of the day and YouTube has NEVER crashed my v13 build 2206 until today.

Sure, I can "force" a crash every once in a while by being UNREALISTIC and loading up ten+ YouTube tabs - but come on, who does that OUTSIDE of trying to crash a web browser?

Edited by ArcticFoxie
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My only recent modification is a Humming Owl carryover  --  Replaced "https://caprogram.360.cn/#plan" entry by "chrome://settings/certificate"

I don't see how that could cause crashes but I rolled it back just to rule it out.

But I didn't make that modification in my build 1106 and other non-2206 builds and they were crashing also, so all I can really assume is US IP Addresses.

My VPN VM uses a Canadian IP Address, I'll see what YouTube does from that tomorrow.


In the meantime, and if you are interested, @Dixel - can you try YouTube via VPN from a US IP Address?

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