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Remving Office Home & Business Fully when not working and then reinstalling it

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Hi Guys!

Looking for some real Office gurus that can give me some help...:D

I have had many customers over the last few years that have had problems with either Office 2013, 2016, or 365....

For many of them it is a case of being able to receive email but not send....

When Microsoft accounts like hotmail, and outlook are concerned I have even tried Microsoft support hoping that someone would be able to give me more than....create a new profile or run repair or even run scanpst....

Now sometimes I will admit scanpst actually works when having a corrupted .pst files but obviously not helpful when having connection problems to do with smtp not working for outgoing email....

OK an example of this was a customer with Office 2016 Home and Business...

She has had two email accounts installed and one is to her husband and one is to herself....

Both of these accounts have the exact same supplier for their email address and consequently the same server settings for incoming and outgoing..

when using pop3 for this company it is 110 and SSL 995 (with authentication)

When using smtp it  is more often nowadays SSL 465

Now the husband's email works fine both incoming and outgoing...but not my customer...

I hasten to add she has contacted the supplier and they have no problems and have just about the same pathetic response as Microsoft...use the webmail

What I have done so far....

I always check to see if there is any unwanted adware/malware etc...not a sign of anything suspicious....apart from Microsoft...:D

I have created tried removing the account and readding it again...nada

I have tried repairing office both offline and online...nada

I have checked her .pst for problems...nada

I have tried creating a new profile and adding the accounts again and hers doesn't work...

I have tried removing Office and reinstalling it....but this is where things really have got bad....when removing programs there is always information remaining which begs the question why have something called " uninstall a program" if it doesn't really remove it totally..?

Using the standard removal leaves so much information left...as soon as I reinstalled the software both email accounts were added and I didn't have to do a thing...?!

Often thirdparty software is better at removing programs than Microsoft....but shouldn't be necessary...



How to remove the program software without a trace? 

What is the best way to do this without reinstalling Windows 7

How do I remove every trace even in the registry?

What are the underlying problems that cause email not to send and how to go about doing such checks first?


I would appreciate any guidance to the root causes and how to fix them without reinstalling the os...:D


Thanks as always!







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When you remove the program search for "Office" in order to find any leftovers on the HDD and in the registry, you should find most of them this way. In this particular case look also for "Outlook" just to be sure (I think it is the only Office component that has its own separate folders and registry keys). You can also have a look in Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared (and in Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared).

As for third party software Revo Uninstaller is the big name as far as I can say but I don't know if it must be installed before the program that you want to uninstall.

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OK! I found the officeuninstall https://aka.ms/diag_officeuninstall...and rebooted...checked to see if there was anything remaining and found lots of dead links etc....

I cleaned up and reinstalled...the reinstallation went to quickly and nothing workded afterwards....?!

I ran repair online and that didn't work.....

F**K Microsoft and its s**T

Now back to square one



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Office 2016 and 365 have repair installs and I wouldn't uninstall it unless you don't want it on the computer anymore. I can't remember the specifics, as I personally just use older versions of Office or just use online things like Google Sheets/Docs. BUT I recall for 2016/365 you can do a repair install by signing into the MS Product portal, choosing the license and reinstall from there. It may take awhile because I think it redownloads the Office program entirely.


The thing about this tho, is that the license hold has to sign into the site to see their activated licenses. Microsoft figured this would be the method to stop integrators from freely installing Office on PCs for end users, using the methods that are licensed for Enterprise clients. So this ends up being a big complaint from integrators/SBs that I have heard from. Because the Office license should only be associated with the end user, it sort of removes the "third party support" ability somewhat, at least those who attempt the fix without the end user being present... to say... type in their password. Or if you are lucky, they had chosen to save the password for that site so you can log into it.

Anyways, I worked on an Office 365 migration a couple years ago and it involved some PCs needing their 365 reinstalled and activated. That was the process I had done. I don't recall having to uninstall the software first. Of course, things may well have changed since then.

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Hi Tripredacus:D

I was trying my best to remove all trace of Office incase it would help with my problem on a clean install....

There were some new updates for Home & Business 2016 that caused problems with smtp on SSL 465 at my customer's supplier.... for email....

The big problem is Microsoft would never admit to their updates causing the problem and the other big problem is the support at broadband suppliers here in Sweden....their competence is on a scale from 1 to a 100 and you just never know who you are going to get...

I looked at the supplier's website for info regarding pop3. imap, and smtp settings but the info was old....Their company was bought by the company that I have my mobile telephone with and they recently upgraded their email webclient...

I use my supplier's weblient for an old email I use just for rubbish...and I noticed that there was settings for pop3 etc...so I checked with my customer's supplier and found a standard setting for smtp on 1025 but just know one had said anything about this....

Anyway, the long and short of it port 1025 for smtp worked and now my customer is happy again...

Another sad thing is the guy I spoke to on the phone will probably keep the info about 1025 on smtp working with Outlook 2016 to himself and not share it with his collegues....

It remains to be seen if the broadband supplier fixes the server problem or that Microsoft come with another update and SSL is woring again....

I hasten to add that this has definitely something to do with Outlook 2016 because I set up both her emails in a virtual environment on my server and SSL works ok with Windows Live Mail...


Thanks for your input!



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